Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quiksilver Spring 2010 - Step in to the Light

Quiksilver's Women's Spring 2010 Collection has arrived at Blue Bee.

Colors of Ginger, Pink, Platinum, and my favorite Chain Mail a beautiful Grey. Stripes, lace, Owls, and studs all swirled together to make this rad line one of my favorites in the stores and online. Another beautiful thing is that all pieces are under $90.

Quiksilver was started by 3 "mates": Alan Green from Torquay, Carol McDonald from Ocean Grove and Tim Davis from Torquay during the hippie movement the 1960's. Wanting to build their live around surfing...they made board shorts. 30 years later Quiksilver has become an expression of a passionate lifestyle.

On another awesome note, this Friday I was able to shoot Zoe in the Quiksilver collection. Zoe is our super rad model for Not only was it super rad to not have to take pictures of myself this time it gave me more freedom to get on camera what I had in my head. I hope you are inspired by these photos, Zoe does such a killer job and it was really quite fun!

Zoe is wearing the East End short sleeve zip up in Chain Mail, 3/4 sleeve striped dress in Chain Mail,Hollywood Trading Co.Fishbone Belt in Cognac, and Matiko Adri sandals in Nude.(I'm getting these shoes by the way...they are rad


thatsorad said...

I redid this post, I appologize I lost your comments. I hope you can see the photos now!

Cindy Whitehead said...

your photos of Zoe are great. I always love the ones of you too (-:

The Photodiarist said...

These are awesome!