Monday, April 25, 2011

Light bulbs and Umbrellas

Dylan Lighting_2-2-2

Dylan Lighting_2-2

Dylan Lighting_2-5

Dylan Lighting_2-5-2

Dylan Lighting_2-3

Dylan Lighting_2-3-2

Dylan Lighting_2-6

So I rented some lighting equipment this weekend to practice and figure out what all the fuss about lighting was.......

I had 2 lights, 2 umbrellas and one camera and my son of course was down to be a ham. Just so you know the umbrellas set up completely opposite to what I was thinking the light flashes IN to the umbrella...they are not so the lights don't get wet.

It truly took me a good 3 solid days to get my bearings.
Now it is on to GOBO's and stuff. "No that is not an Italian dish, I know... I thought the same thing."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kaile Goh - Following Her Dream

Kaile Goh by Cristi Silva-66

Kaile Goh by Cristi Silva-24

Kaile Goh by Cristi Silva-41

Kaile Goh by Cristi Silva-33

Kaile Goh by Cristi Silva-60

Kaile Goh by Cristi Silva-51

I met Kaile last week when we did this shoot at her home in LA.

You would think that she is your typical 15 year old girl but she is most definitely not. She is a young girl following her dreams.

Keep your ears tuned to one of the most amazing voices you have heard in a long time..... Kaile Goh is gong to be a Rock Star.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swimming with the Big Fish

JK 1

JK 2

JK 3

I was honored to be able to document the shoot that Malibu local Photographer John Hildebrand orchestrated this week in Los Angeles with Actor Jamie Kennedy and Model Avalon Barrie.

The Agents for Artists team were gathered at Jamie's super rad house for the shoot. His pad alone was so surreal it had all kinds of rad skulls, bold colors, fish, art, globes, and books artistically tossed about.

I can only wonder what Cece(Rock & Revolution) and Anjuli(Jamie's Creative Executive) are going to do next???????

Here is the RAD RAD Super RAD Team that I worked with

Talent: Jamie Kennedy
Talent: Avalon Barrie

Producer: Cece Stein
Lead Photographer: John Hildebrand
Stylist: Jessica Ysordia
Hair and Make-up: Jenny Karl
BTS Stills Photographer; Cristi Silva(me)
BTS Motion Photographer: Joe Nash
First Assistant L.P.: Jeffrey Moustache
First Assistant: BTS: Matt Hunt
Creative Executive for J.K. Entertainment: Anjuli Hinds

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Freedom Artists Surf Contest - Malibu CA

agentsforartists (8 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (7 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (6 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (2 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (5 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (3 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (10 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (9 of 10).jpg

agentsforartists (2 of 3).jpg

Met up with some fellow drogues to check out the Freedom Artists Surf Contest in Malibu this Saturday. I rented that gnarly 100-400mm lens to try out. Here are a few of my favorites.

I totally invite you to check out my Phelo Photog Phriend Joe Nash's Freedom Artists post. He used the same lens and it is amazing what he captured!

Sunday, April 10, 2011





So I totally rented this stocker lens from Sammy's Camera this weekend. I had essentially 3 days with it and I had to take full advantage.

So Today - Sunday - I took it with me to Santa Ynez where I grew up knowing that I would find Cows along the way. Perfect for a huge 100-400mm stocker lens because I am not sure how close I would actually want to get to one of these things.

And frankly they were not too sure how close they wanted to get to me either. So I played paparazzi with some Happy California Cows and one other beast you will get to see tomorrow.

Friday, April 8, 2011





Working with Cece from Rock & Revolution PR and the Agents for Artists crew I came up on this Pink Floyd Chaser LA tee and these rad Vintage Pajama Pants.

I personally don't like wearing flowers unless it's FUNKY.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

There are NO straight lines in ART?

Straight Line 1

Straight Line 3

Straight Line 2


I have had the pleasure of tagging along with some amazingly talented people.

Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached.