Monday, April 25, 2011

Light bulbs and Umbrellas

Dylan Lighting_2-2-2

Dylan Lighting_2-2

Dylan Lighting_2-5

Dylan Lighting_2-5-2

Dylan Lighting_2-3

Dylan Lighting_2-3-2

Dylan Lighting_2-6

So I rented some lighting equipment this weekend to practice and figure out what all the fuss about lighting was.......

I had 2 lights, 2 umbrellas and one camera and my son of course was down to be a ham. Just so you know the umbrellas set up completely opposite to what I was thinking the light flashes IN to the umbrella...they are not so the lights don't get wet.

It truly took me a good 3 solid days to get my bearings.
Now it is on to GOBO's and stuff. "No that is not an Italian dish, I know... I thought the same thing."


Anonymous said...

Cristi, you are amazing and never cease to amaze me!!! Dylan seems to be just as talented.

miss ya.

Anonymous said...

the garage setup is my fav

Anonymous said...

Such a cool mom and such a handsome boy! He reminds me of my little brother! Very rad post!

Cindy Whitehead said...

You go girl!! btw - your son is so cool!! Hope you are having a great weekend!