Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swimming with the Big Fish

JK 1

JK 2

JK 3

I was honored to be able to document the shoot that Malibu local Photographer John Hildebrand orchestrated this week in Los Angeles with Actor Jamie Kennedy and Model Avalon Barrie.

The Agents for Artists team were gathered at Jamie's super rad house for the shoot. His pad alone was so surreal it had all kinds of rad skulls, bold colors, fish, art, globes, and books artistically tossed about.

I can only wonder what Cece(Rock & Revolution) and Anjuli(Jamie's Creative Executive) are going to do next???????

Here is the RAD RAD Super RAD Team that I worked with

Talent: Jamie Kennedy
Talent: Avalon Barrie

Producer: Cece Stein
Lead Photographer: John Hildebrand
Stylist: Jessica Ysordia
Hair and Make-up: Jenny Karl
BTS Stills Photographer; Cristi Silva(me)
BTS Motion Photographer: Joe Nash
First Assistant L.P.: Jeffrey Moustache
First Assistant: BTS: Matt Hunt
Creative Executive for J.K. Entertainment: Anjuli Hinds

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