Monday, May 31, 2010

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - i madonnari Chalk Festival

This is absolutely my favorite festival in Santa Barbara. It is always on Memorial Day Weekend at the Santa Barbara Mission. It is a benefit for the Children's Creative Project. It is a bright spot for an intense weekend of remembering and morning. Memorial Day is a deep and emothinal holiday for most so I love that there is something to do that lightens the load a little.

There is some serous blood, sweat, and tears, amazing hard work, even more amazing art produced by the artists giving their time and love for the festival. My focus was more on them rather that the art it's self. There are so many pictures of those.... Check out the festival's home page Here.

Dylan and I bought a little square for $10....I helped with the sky a little, it was a collaboration, but basically it was all Dylan :) It was so much fun!!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer in the City Event at Blue Bee

We had so much fun. It was a huge turn out, lots of women having fun, shopping and enjoying the awesome weather we have been having in Santa Barbara.

Heather Gardner Designer and Owner of Tiger Lily jewelry, and one of our favorite jewelry designers, brought tons of amazing new pieces. Crystals, gemstones, beads fused together with an amazing leather wrap. Her earrings and necklaces exude what California Style is all about.

Christine, the rep for Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, also came to show her support for Blue Bee and rock some women's world by styling them in Cynthina's designs. We brought in a huge amount of 12th Street designs that I can not wait to sell online. They looked amazing on! Christine was super fun and really knew how to dress up so many different woman. That is what is so awesome about Twelfth Street, she designs for every BODY!

Girlfriends, Granddaughters and Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters, Lovers and their devoted pets. It was everything that Summer in the City should be!

Friday, May 28, 2010

7 for All Mankind - Spring 2010 Lifestyle

We currently have some pretty awesome choices at Blue Bee from 7 for All Mankind Spring 2010 including some of their rad lifestyle Shirts and Tanks that are impressive.
I was inspired to build a bit if a funky outfit yesterday.
I took the White Resort Tee and belted it open over this pink, sequined Betsey Johonson dress I got at the thrift store. I tucked the dress in the front of my jeans to make it bubbly.
The jeans are bran new...the super skinny Gwenevere that Marty and John bought in this super rad Olive color. It is perfect because it will wear both this Spring and ROCK come Fall 10.
My shoes are my newest and greatest investment, Matiko, that I bought at 50% off in the online sale.
Fringe with a stud on top!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Pants - Don't Act Your Age

Life is not always about wearing jeans....

When you are stuck in the middle of glad your 20's are over but you are not quite ready to dress like a TOTALLY mature woman I often find my self stuck in a weird rut when I dress for something other than work.

When I want to dress up a little I love to wear a Classic beautifully lined Jacket that is a little to small for me such as this HellOh Jacket with a printed tee, Pants with some flair to them, held up by a bold belt and sassy heels. The look would not work with out lots and lots of sparkly necklaces, Tiger Lily Jewelry always fits the bill in that department.

A little rough around the edges

A touch of Sophistication

A lot of Fun

P.S. i noticed that a few of the bloggers I love to check out have an email set up which I signed up for. It is a totally rad feature, I get emailed when they post! So I jumped on the email/post bandwagon. Technology ROCKS!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rachel Pally - the Maxi Dress

One of the raddest pieces I own is a Maxi Dress. Never goes out of style, dressy, casual, classic, and is not all that Season Specific. My favorite combo is wearing a Maxi Dress with a denim Jacket and masculine wing tip shoes. I saw a girl wearing this around last year and have been obsessed with that outfit ever since.

Rachel Pally is one of my favorite designers when it comes to getting a sexy and simple dress. And of course her impeccable fabric blends make an evening gown feel like PJ's. Modal is like a gift from the fabric gods.

Rachel Pally has brought Grace and Beauty to the world of Jersey Wear. Inspired by her love of dance and movement her line has been a breath of fresh air to any one who wears it.

Wear it LONG

Wear it STRONG

Wheat photo overlays: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4