Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre Fall Pick

So I thought it was time for a crazy rad outfit. We are getting all these rad, underground fun designs that deserve some attention. So Here it goes....................

If I were to buy anything in the store.....anything at all it would be this.

West Style Story Micro Stud Army Jacket - ???? I can not find anything on the web about this company. But they make rad jackets out of Los Angeles. They start you off with some crazy embellishments and leave the rest up to you. The idea is that YOU add your own "flair" and make the piece of clothing all your own. I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!

Alexander Wang Wide Rib Cardigan - I think this is the first of many I have tried on that does NOT make me look too masculine. Not that that is a bad thing but it is sexy.

Speaking of Sexy...

Shirimiri Leopard Leggings - OK so I have never in my life put a pair of Leopard Leggings on....(weird right) but I have to tell you these leggings TRANSFORM you in to an ANIMAL! they are SO SOFT, super stretchy and honestly really flattering....I am not sure if it was how the pattern was cut, the fabric, but I LOVED my legs in these.

And to top it all off....

Mason Cashmere Striped Hat - We just got in a new shipment of Mason and I personally am so EXCITED! It is so hard to by for Fall but we have 2 of these Bennie's and I WANT ONE!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Miss Splendid

Why are Splendid tees, cardigans and tank tops so rad? I think it is their super soft matereal, attention to detail, and fashion forward cuts.

My Favorite tee right now is my Knot Tee. I wear it with everything, layered, on it's own. With jeggings or with bootcuts. LOVE IT, WANT EVERY COLOR.

Splendid offers not so basic basics that fit every lifestyle, Blue Bee is offering $10 off all Splendid right now just to brighten your day :)

use code: bgspl10


I totally spilled coffee on my knot tee this morning ... had to edit those drips out. I wish stains would be that easy to remove in real life..... :) I'll just have to get another color ....I can justify just about anything!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Men's Summer Style - Feature on

Jason is wearing: John Varvatos White Slim Shirt, Rogan NYC Work Tee (50% off), Paul Smith Standard Short, and Sperry Top Siders.

Noelle is wearing: T by Alexander Wang Classic Pocket Tank Heather Grey, Hudson Amy Shorts, Gorjana Bangles, Tiger Lily necklaces and Matiko Volta Sandals.

So I am so stoked and lucky to be featured on a rad Shopping websites Blog called! They are your one stop site for personal shopping and they get super rad EXCLUSIVE deals all the time!

18,324 people like Shop It To Me as of right this very moment, you should too!

The raddest deal going on right now is Blue Bee's Summer Vacation Styles for both men and women, Check out the feature for THATSORAD for the coupon code! Can't beat this 30% off. There are some items in the Vacation Ware Sale that are so rad! HINT Start with the letter "A"

I was SO excited about this collaboration I created a video too! Yeah, it is totally dorky but reminds me of taking a summer vacation, I REALLY want to get a super cute outfit and be a tourist in my hometown.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quiksilver Pre Fall 2010 at Blue Bee NOW!

Can you imagine that it is time to start thinking about Fall? All our Pre Fall items have been pouring in the last few weeks and despite the temperatures I am LOVING IT!

Quiksilver is one of my favorite brands that we carry, it is affordable, totally fits my style, and always comes up with styles to wear that are unique and off the hook rad!

When we got the Glass Heart Hoody in, a slightly long hoody and the sleeves are cut off, I literally gasped. Totally RAD! Totally Different than anything else I have seen anywhere else. I HAVE TO HAVE ONE! I Choked when I saw the price of $44.00. I feel like I should email the rep saying we should charge more for this stuff..... but I kept my mouth SHUT!

Fall 2010 is going to be so RAD this year!!! I can not wait to bring you more of what styles rocks my world, stops me in my tracks and my jaw hitting the floor.


Noelle is wearing: Quiksilver Glass Heart Hoody, Equestrian Legging, Rock Royalty Tee, Two Moon's Bandeau.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thinking Out Side The Garment Bag - Well......sort of....

I was invited to join a friend to a local Car and Bike show at the Creek Side Bar and Restaurant. There was also a Pin Up Girl Contest.

....How could I say no!

The Girls are on our friend Gene's bike. There is so many details to how he has customed his Harley I can't even list them.

This Indian is my DREAM is a '46 Beauty!

Out of the blue I ran into an old friend Lisa, I had not seen her in 8 + years! She is SO RAD!!! and SO FUN!


These cars had so much love poured in to them. It was amazing talking to the owners about their pride a joy....I related to them :)

This rad woman is a School Teacher! She matches the Pin Up Girl on the back of Gene's who sang that song?? LOL

UH I thought this was a SICK detail to this gentleman's bike.

The Judging began...I personally voted for less skin and more Classy, Sexy, and Creative looks!

This Delicious car was blinding.

Lisa and her friend looked so awesome in this car...I love their tattoos!

They Guys were looking at this car like it was a hot woman walking by....It was cute :)

I had SO MUCH FUN taking pictues of the amazing Cars, Bikes and the super fun Pin Up Girls!

I left early because I had laundry and all kinds of stuff to do...but as I was creating this post Gene called me, holding back the tears, and said that he WON not only in his class, but the peoples choice and BEST IN SHOW!!!! How rad is that!!

Congratulations dude! I am so stoked for you!!!!

This was a rad day! I hope you all have a killer weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

@hudsonjeans - denim of raddness! Introducing Men's Denim @BlueBeeMen

Hudson Jeans really rock my world.

They FIT SO DARN WELL.... They speak to California Cool and UK RAD. The people that make/design/promote this denim line are inspired, driven, super rad people! Check out their blog It is a great read!

We are super stoked to be carrying their Men's Denim Line.... as you can see the fit is just as amazing!

For the LOVE OF DENIM go out and try on a pair!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bucket List: Best Jeans out there

Did you know that when our buyers/owners of Blue Bee go to Market and buy for the next season they have to painstakingly look through thousands and thousands of awesome clothing to choose what is right for our customers.

The most detailed of that process is for denim. Marty and John seem to have an eye for premium denim that no one else does, they are picky when it comes to fit, trend and the quality of the wash. Women all over the world to our beloved city of Santa Barbara put their trust in Marty and John's eye and style.

They can walk into an amazing showroom such as Hudson and have hundreds of washes to choose from that come in a grip of different cuts. We wont buy them all, that is not our style, We buy the best of the best denim available. There are online shops, boutiques and department stores that do buy it all, that is awesome that they have that working for them.

Blue Bee is about shifting through it all and bringing you only the absolute best. That is what we have working for us.

Here is Marty and John's IT list for Woman's Denim: Our Favorites

P.S. before you click over look to the right, i have a cool opportunity to offer a 20% off coupon code that works on all denim at Blue Bee. If you need help with what cut or size would be right for you I would love to help! This is my absolute favorite part of my job!


Call: 1-866-258-3233 x 104

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010



verb - to make a markedly favorable impression "Damn, girl you killin-it in them jeans!"

The Great Denim Conspirators are bringing it to the city of Santa Barbara tomorrow as we launch KILL CITY at Blue Bee Jeans and Blue Bee Men. See you if you ROCK THIS CITY ALL NIGHT LONG!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mc Fadin Handbags - Wild Horses could not DRAG me away

The RAD shirt I am wearing is from this hot new line called Knotee (Oh so BAD!), the jeans are one of my fave's Serfontaine. Hat is from Tennessee, Boots from Old Gringo.

Mc Fadin is created by two AWESOME Sisters Stacy & Laurie Mc Fadin. They FUSE both of their different takes on fashion into each bag. These fun loving women from Texas seriously have my heart in their hands, these bags are not only awesome because the fit my crazy busy lifestyle but they also create bags that feel so luxurious I feel like a ROCK STAR wearing them. This makes sense because awesome Rock Stars such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus, to just name a few.

We just received a new shipment of bags that we just loaded online. I have fallen in love all over again!

Mc Fadin Bags are in a league of their own....There is not a customer who does not fall in LOVE with these bags. When they get their order in the mail, they email me saying (and this is an actually quote from an awesome customer who emailed me yesterday)

"Got the purse late yesterday, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! The leather is like buttah! It's exactly what I wanted, and in the color I didn't even know I wanted. Perfect to sling over body when I have a nine month old in one arm, a toddler on the other .........."


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monrow Clothing: More that Just a Tee

Zoe is wearing: Monrow Zip up Sweatshirt in Heather, Leopard studs tank, 3/4 vintage sweats in Heather and Matiko Sandals

Monrow has got to be one of my all-time favorite casual clothing lines.



Not your typical tee.....

Take advantage of a rad Coupon Code I have set up for you! You can use it for anything! If you are looking to buy multiple items you can save more. A woman yesterday bought 2 Virgin Saints and Angels necklaces and saved $100... so here it is if you are interested:

$20 off a $100 order: Blog20

$45 off a $200 order: Blog 45

$100 off a $400 order: Blog 100

We shot this at my favorite coffee house in town, The French Press I will drive out of my way to get there. If you are ever in Santa Barbara please look them up! You will be hooked!