Friday, July 2, 2010



Who is the Band of Outsiders Man? So easily do I want to categorize him in a box and call him "Nerd Chic". But if you really look at the label and who wears it I am surprised to find men besides Michael Certa wearing it.

From musician Drake rocking BOO in GQ's March 2010 edition, to Shia Labeouf, to Tom Cruze on the front cover of Esquire June 2010......even Justin Beebs in Teen Vogue May 2010 Rocked Band of Outsiders.

Designer Scott Shernberg has one of the raddest sense of humor I have had only the pleasure reading about. In interview with W magazine:

" What's the one article of clothing you would refuse to design?
Adult diapers

If Paris Hilton called to borrow your clothes, what would you tell her?
That the moon is on fire and she better get outside and help put it out right this instant. "

The name seems ironic to me because men from all walks of life want to be an Outsider. It is by far the top seller at Blue Bee Men. The cut is amazing, sizing, well it forces you to let go of your ego and order a size up...if you don't, hope that there are extra buttons sewn on the shirt for you.



Cindy Whitehead said...

love the adult diapers comment - ha ha ha!

Doing my first blog giveaway - hoping you can stop by and check it out and leave me one of your funny comments (-:

WILDasaMINK said...

Indeed Band of Outsiders is AWESOME! I love the stuff--and thanks for sharing the adult diaper and paris hilton comments, give a little insight into the humor of the designer. Nice.

knk said...

interesting post

Marty said...

There is nothing I would rather wear than a great fitting Band of Outsiders shirt! Scott Sternberg is a funny guy and has a vision of his own. Get your shirt at Blue Bee Men. That's where I got all of mine. I think I have about 6 or 7 of them and I love to wear them. Band of Outsiders rocks! So do you, Cristi ThatsoRad!

John Doucette said...

Band of Outsiders are absolutely my favorite shirts! I find myself heading straight to the Band of Outsiders rack as I walk into Blue Bee Men! A new shipment makes my heart beat that wierd?'s real! I'm going to jump onto now and look at them again, since I'm at home getting ready for work. See what I mean?...obsessed I am!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog

Rock N Revolution said...

You are too cute! Love the pics... excuse my lazy blogging - way too busy lately. Big MTV event coming up ( next week ) if you are free next Saturday call me !!!! xo