Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thinking Out Side The Garment Bag - Well......sort of....

I was invited to join a friend to a local Car and Bike show at the Creek Side Bar and Restaurant. There was also a Pin Up Girl Contest.

....How could I say no!

The Girls are on our friend Gene's bike. There is so many details to how he has customed his Harley I can't even list them.

This Indian is my DREAM is a '46 Beauty!

Out of the blue I ran into an old friend Lisa, I had not seen her in 8 + years! She is SO RAD!!! and SO FUN!


These cars had so much love poured in to them. It was amazing talking to the owners about their pride a joy....I related to them :)

This rad woman is a School Teacher! She matches the Pin Up Girl on the back of Gene's who sang that song?? LOL

UH I thought this was a SICK detail to this gentleman's bike.

The Judging began...I personally voted for less skin and more Classy, Sexy, and Creative looks!

This Delicious car was blinding.

Lisa and her friend looked so awesome in this car...I love their tattoos!

They Guys were looking at this car like it was a hot woman walking by....It was cute :)

I had SO MUCH FUN taking pictues of the amazing Cars, Bikes and the super fun Pin Up Girls!

I left early because I had laundry and all kinds of stuff to do...but as I was creating this post Gene called me, holding back the tears, and said that he WON not only in his class, but the peoples choice and BEST IN SHOW!!!! How rad is that!!

Congratulations dude! I am so stoked for you!!!!

This was a rad day! I hope you all have a killer weekend!


Precilla said...

the cars and bikes look amazing! You took some good pictures, great angles ;)



Those are awesome photos! What a fun group of people? So who won the pin up contest? Your friend had the best look!