Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Wanna Be an Air Force Ranger - 3 Military Fall Insperations

Military Style Trend at 100
Hot McFadden Bag

Military Style Trend 1
Muubaa leather Jacket, Robin's Zipper Military Pants, H by Hudson Shoes

Military Style Trend at 092
CC Sky Lizzie Hobo- way RAD!

Military Style Trend 2
Da Nang Jacket, Ella Moss Top, Sinclair MFGRP jeans, Mason Benie, Rock & Republic shoes

Military Style Trend at 094
Alexander Wang Brenda Zip Bag

Military Style Trend 3

The Military/Surplus Trend has marched its way back in to designers collections this Summer 2010. This Fall 2010 it is a look that you will now see not only in the boutiques you shop at but is now an essential part of your fall wardrobe. At Blue Bee in Santa Barbara as well as on we see Military style from just about every line we carry. From Cargo Pants, Military inspired Tailoring, Belted Boots, Khaki, Fatigue, Camo patterns and Dark Browns there are so many influences to choose from. The question I hear as customers come to us with is: “How do you take the hottest fall trend and incorporate it in to my own style?”

A Military Style is not an easy one to embrace unless it is a defining part of how you dress. If you are more of an extreme fashionista,(look 1) you like to go out on a limb in regards to what you wear and can pull off just about anything, then you will definitely want to gravitate towards pieces that convey a more deliberate military look. You look for super rad brands such as Robin’s Jeans for cargos. They have detailed embellishments on their pack pockets that symbolize military badges, zippers, Camo denim fabric and more prominent side cargo pockets, the more the better. A trendy girl is going to pair it up with something that is not just a little more edgy but also incorporate another important trend for Fall 2010 such as a leather jacket, asymmetrical shirting and a pair of the amazing military inspired boots we’ve been seeing as well. Other lines at Blue Bee that overtly express that extreme trend are Kill City, West Style Story, and H by Hudson Shoes.

Not the Hipster Street style type? Relax because you do not have to go extreme with this trend. In fact there are more choices for the softer side of Surplus Style that most women gravitate to.(look 2) The most true to Surplus Style is our long time favorite is Da Nang. They own Indonesian Surplus style with their eclectic washable silk cargo pants, shorts and beautiful Surplus Jackets. Da Nang’s clothing is so comfortable; flattering on every body their styles are ageless and beautifully classic. Take one Piece such as their Classic Cargo jacket and wear it with a fun and famine top, a pair of grey skinny or straight leg jeans(such as these amazing Sinclair Rowin jeans in Moscow) and sexy heals and you are good to go. The only outwardly Military piece is your jacket but your ensemble is Surplus inspired and well coordinated and put together. Other lines at Blue Bee that emulate this eclectic Army Style are Aude, Allison Paris,American Vintage, Monrow, Splendid, Rails and Ella Moss.

Military Style can also be sleek, sexy, sophisticated and emulates the style of a simpler, modern woman with a slight edge to her wardrobe. Designer Balmain has defined the glamorous side of this trend. Being much more subtle but just as fierce there are some key pieces you will need to achieve this look.(look 3) First, start with a highly tailored uniform jacket such as this GORGOUSE Improved blazer with zipper detail. Secondly, underneath the jacket a fitted shirt that is simple and has a hit of masculine flair. The key Piece to this ensemble is the pants or jeans. I chose my favorite Cargo Pant of them ALL… Rich & Skinny’s Cargo legging in Slick Black, these leggings are one of the most talked about cargo pant right now. Sleak and slimming this jean will Rock your Fall wardrobe.

Which look speeks to you more? What have you bought for this fall? What do you want to get this fall???? I personaly want it ALL!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hero in You - Sinclair Launch Party

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 026

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 017

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 025

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 091

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 079

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 3

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 082

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 060

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 1

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 051

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 058

The Launch of Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee was awesome! I planned on talking about the brand but this morning as I am sitting here writing this I realized that you can find out about Sinclair Denim in an earlier post I did called: Sinclair - a new denim brand. There is something else that I did not touch on that I would like to now.
I can not tell you how genuinely nice and humble Vincent and his super rad wife Jana are. They are so passionate about what they do and their family and those around them. It is a rare and beautiful thing to see. When you do those people stick out like a sore thumb.
In fact I really think that people like that really gravitate towards Marty and John and the vision of Blue Bee. They are blessed to have designers with such integrity and passion in their store. It is only because Marty and John themselves are the same way and surround themselves with people with the same values and passions that they share.
Fashion is an art form in my mind. Blue Bee is full of the heart, passion, art, and sole of people who love and live for creating something for someone else to wear and enjoy. Do you have a piece of clothing that does that for you? I know that I do!
Thank you SO MUCH to Vincent and Jana Flumiani for your GENUINE love and support to Marty, John, Blue Bee and all of us that reside there. When you say "IT IS CERTAIN" I am certain that the universe will reward you both and your family for all the honest and amazing work that you do! Thank you for creating clothes that are much more than a piece of fabric!

Thank you!!

Sinclair MFGRP at Blue Bee 2

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sinclair Launch Party at Blue Bee - It is Certain

This photo is from Sinclair's amazing lookbook.

Today marks the launch of Sinclair Denim for Men and Women at Blue Bee.

This carefully crafted denim line is one of the most exciting and RAD jean brands in the market. We will be honored to meet the designer of Sinclair MFGRP Vincent Flumiani who's heart and passion has poured in to this denim line for over the last year.

At the Launch Party there will be complimentary food and drinks, but more importantly when you buy a pair if Sinclair Denim you will receive a gift, AS WELL AS Blue Bee and Sinclair will give another gift of $20 towards the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network.

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network is a non profit animal rescue that is dear to our Hearts. Cyndi Eaton our Website Designer and Blue Bee Graphic Designer for 10 years has been saving and serving at this animal rescue for as long as she has lived in Santa Barbara.

I will be tweeting live from the event as well as behind my camera. Follow me on twitter @thatsorad to get all the updates of what is going on! If you are local or close to Santa Barbara this is such a special event and are a lover of fashion and all things Denim this is something you CAN NOT MISS!

Sinclair Launch Party at Blue Bee

September 25th from 12pm to 5pm

at Blue Bee Jeans and Blue Bee Men in Santa Barbara

It is Certain!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rogan Men's Fall 2010 Collection at Blue Bee Men

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 6

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 4

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 2

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 3

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 1
Owen is wearing all Rogan Dent Headwarmer, Spangler Scarf, Wilkinson Navigate shirt, Vondal Cardigan Black, and Puck Ataria Jeans

A blue collar baby Rogan Gregory began the early "sprouts" of his work-wear feel from his simple home town of Kent, Ohio. Rogan Gregory has his influence and involvement in so many different and amazing ventures now from art to clothing and were the lines cross you will find him.

You will find him in an inspirational shift in
Rogan VS BBlessing. Saturated by rhythm at a Earth Day with Subterranean Drum Circle, Or an object or two. From an interview with Time Out Chicago Rogan says this "I like modern that has a little grit and a little soul to it. So, if you look at a table that’s mid-century, over the years it’s gotten scarred and worn. It’s still that great modern shape, but it’s also got a lot of character." He spoke these words in 2008.... they still hold true today. Character? Vision? Focus? probably all.

Wallpaper's Eco Edit Rogan states: "I am definitely aesthetic-oriented. If I don’t like the way the way something looks but it’s super-eco, I don’t give a shit. It’s got to look nice," he says. "I’m just not so extreme and I don’t expect people to be so extreme. I expect people to buy things for the way they look. I don’t count on people to do it out of the goodness of their heart, I don’t think you can." Bringing it back to the earth many of Rogan's ventures have been and are to this day as organic and sustainable as possible. His partnership with other lines such as Loomstate and Edun all clothing is 100% organic. With Rogan(while partially organic) it screams design first.

Rogan's influence is not also from the blue collar, middle American environmentalist, he also has a skill that most Californians can relate to. Surfing. How does a man from Ohio, resides in NY, works relentlessly know how to surf? I have no idea. I will have to ask him at some point.

Men's Fall 2010 collection is a artistic toss of what seems to be knitted static, hand picked button details, legends, specific placement of points, and fabric that almost illuminates their color. This fall has more hidden messages than a Beatles album. Seriously ...what does it all MEAN? I ask my-self. And what answer do I get? "Call you MOM"

But I am naturally sucked in to the allure of WTF and can not but help love every piece of Rogan's Men's and Women's collection. They are so exquisitely made, sturdy fabric and style that just wont go away. No wonder Rogan Gregory has won so many awards for his simple yet revoutionary expressionism, design, and vision.

Which brings me to a big thanks to my husband's dear friend Owen for allowing me to photograph him. Owen is also a surfer, AMAZING artist(check out his blog "
this world is parallel") and lover of rad fashion. We talked about Rogan's clothing longer than we did taking pictures of him in them. Owen was quickly captured by the allure of WTF and totally related to the fit, feel and look of the collection.

And this is just the beginning for Fall.... I can not wait to show you our second shipment of
Rogans Fall 2010 collection at Blue Bee and Blue Bee Men. This Ohoian gone rogue will always build the character of my closet. What about yours?

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 5

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Siwy Denim Fall 2010 now at

Siwy at Blue Bee Fall 2010 4

Siwy at Blue Bee Fall 2010 2

Siwy at Blue Bee Fall 2010 1

Siwy at Blue Bee Fall 2010 3
I am wearing Siwy Denim Lily After Hours, Capote Circle Cape, Rock & Republic Shoes

Fashionista, Designer and straight up RAD chick Michelle Siwy has created a Denim line like no other. Putting on a pair of Siwy Denim is like falling into a bed of rose petals, kissing a kitten or eating a piece of chocolate. DELICIOUS!
Michelle Siwy launched her vintage inspired denim line in 2005... and OH has it grown! Michelle's inspiration is sexy, warm, Innocent, colorful, hearts and all woman. Siwys Fall 2010 collection is all of that and more! With some twists, shine and whiskers she has worked a little "bad ass" in to her line.
Warn by amazing celebrity women such as Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss. Blue Bee has her classic super skinny cut the Hannah, her sexy bootcut the Harley and a new skinny style to Blue Bee the Lily which has a cleaner look with Michelles signature back yoke that makes all your assets look like you have been working out all summer.
Siwy Denim is sweeter than sweet, it is Authenticly YOU.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall 2010 Outfit - Navajo Wrap and the Hula Girl

Fall 2010 at 1

Fall 2010 at 4

Fall 2010 at 2

Fall 2010 at 3

Fall 2010 at 3

A new obsession of mine for Fall 2010 is all these beautiful wraps, chunky, warm, cozy, and totally rad!

12th Street by Cynthia Vincent has created one of the coziest, coolest most desirable Fall/Winter wraps that can be warn with just about anything. Decorated with this rad Navajo pattern that I totally love, and it is reversible, I felt totally regal in it. I made it my own style by wearing an Aude Tank top, Murphy's Daughter belt, and some Genetic Denim Twig Moss jeans.

How would you wear 12th Street's Navajo Blanket wrap?

I can not wait for the weather to get colder and there is that nip in the air that let's me know the holidays are just around the corner. It is not like I hang out in my back yard reading books and drinking tea, but I felt like pretending.... who knows... you may see me out there again, but with out my camera this time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the gift


These jeans were a gift from 2 girls that work at Blue Bee and Blue Bee Jeans. They gave them to me yesterday totally out of the blue...yeah, that pun was not on purpose.

Thank you for being a feather on my wings! I am totaly humbled and thankful for you guys!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hudson Denim for Men - Fall platform for Men's Style

Hudson at Blue Bee Men 002

Hudson at Blue Bee Men 139

Hudson at Blue Bee Men 015-2

Hudson at Blue Bee Men 350

Jason is wearing: Spurr Cord Blazer, Chaser LA tee, Hudson Slim Athens, and Creative Recreation shoes.

"HUDSON is for rockers whose instrument is their iPod and for biker babes who aren't scared to hail a cab. It's for a generation who is as at home in the DJ booth as on the dance floor, surrounded by people but always a standout."

Hudson's Fall 2010 Stands out this season for Men's Denim. Their
Straight leg and Slim cuts are at the top of Men's Fashion and cater to those who can not help but have style and swagger. Streamlined to fit all the current trends, So if you need to upgrade your wardrobe from last year's grunge to this years power dressing, Hudson can change your look with a snap of a button.

Rocker, Business Man, Uniform, Style Nerds, Conservative, Dramatic, Mountain Man, Street Guru, and the Sharp Shooters.........How are you going to Standout?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7 for All Mankind and Splendid Celebrate with Blue Bee

7 for all mankind, Splendid, Blue Bee 10th Annaversery 030-2

7 for all mankind, Splendid, Blue Bee 10th Annaversery 009-2
Julie and Meg our Reps from 7FAM

7 for all mankind, Splendid, Blue Bee 10th Annaversery 102-2
Alissar our Rep from Splendid

7 for all mankind, Splendid, Blue Bee 10th Annaversery 115-2
Julie and Alissar

7 for all mankind, Splendid, Blue Bee 10th Annaversery 151-2
Alissar and Meg- My favorate picture of them

7 For All Mankind and Splendid celebrated with us for Blue Bee's 10th Anniversary. It was amazing and so much FUN! Before the event we had a Product Knowledge Seminar given by some seriously rad reps: Julie, Meg and Alissar.
These three amazing women all work near to each other and have the funnest stories of their daily adventures. Julie is our rep for Women's 7FAM, Meg is our rep for Men's 7FAM and Allisar is our rep for Splendid. These women support us as a local Boutique and do such an amazing job keeping us in touch with the brand they represent, respond to what you the Blue Bee customer wants and keep us always ahead of the demand for the latest fashion trends.
7 For All Mankind is ALSO celebrating 10 years of making some of the most amazing jeans in the world. From the beginning their focus has been on Fabric, Fit and Finish and 7FAM has delivered time and time again. You wonder why they are the top selling jean in the store. Blue Bee is the ONLY 7 For All Mankind Premiere Boutique in California. That means that we get jeans that no one else has, the best of the best. 7 For All Mankind is warn by every Male and Female celebrity out there. I would love to plug them all but the list is just so darn long but the most current are: Miley Cyrus, Penn Badgley, Kate Winslet, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian.
Splendid is our top selling tee label as well. Marty, owner and buyer for Blue Bee, was there the first day Splendid opened their doors to buyers and he was the first to buy the label alongside Ron Herman's Buyer John Eshaya. Blue Bee had carried Moise Emquies first line Leopold before Splendid was even a twinkle in his eye. Splendid keeps moving forward and not only produces the most luxurious and affordable basics, they also are creating their space in the world of fashion forward thinkers.
I invite you to friend Blue Bee and or Blue Bee Men on Facebook and check out the rest of the photos from the event. It was needless to say SO RAD!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

John Varvatos Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men - Preppy Boys are Bad Ass

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 079-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 085-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 093-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 144-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 295-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 411-2

Grey, Beige, Dark Brown, Eggplant, Hemp Tee's, Stripes and zippers. Star USA by John Varvatos is a little more light hearted that the monotone John Varvatos collection but still all Rock and Roll. His American style has lightened up and gone a little preppy, think Alice Cooper sitting in the den with the Dead Poet's society. Richus!

If you want to kick up your JV Star Style a notch then just roll your those Cork Khaki's up just a little and leave your socks in the drawer. Throw on a long scarf and let it all hang out the bottom of John Varvatos' AMAZING Asymmetrical Soft Jacket with buttons, zippers and stripes. You won't blend in the crowd.

Oh and yet another designer that shares Blue Bee's 10 year anniversary, in celebration John Varvatos has created an ad campaign to top them all...actually it includes them all.

The John Varvatos 10 th Anniversary Ad Campaign will be featured nationwide in all John Varvatos store windows, August 20-October 1, 2010. Print ads will run in Vanity Fair , Esquire, GQ, Details, Vogue Homme , L'Uomo Vogue, Fantastic Man and Wonderland, to name a few.
Outdoor Advertising will feature NY bus shelters, LA Billboards, Las Vegas Taxi Tops, and San Francisco Bus shelters.

In 2005 John Varvatos chased a collaboration with Photographer Danny Clinch and creative director Stephen Niedzweicki that resulted in a revolutionary add campaign that is as famous as the clothes these bloaks are wearing. They feature ZZ Top, Franz Ferdinand, Perry Farrell, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Velvet Revolver, Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell, Joe Perry and Ryan Adams.

“I wanted to work with musicians that were iconic in their own right. Alice Cooper is the godfather of Shock Rock and Iggy Pop is the godfather of Punk. The younger guys like Franz Ferdinand are breaking new ground. I wanted to say that style is not about being pretty; you have to have some kind of an edge. It’s also not about trends, but about being timeless. Just like these artists’ music, this imagery will live on and be discovered and embraced by future generations.” - John Varvatos

Preppy Boys ARE Bad Asses