Thursday, April 29, 2010

Levi's XX Made & Crafted - Patronize Your Home Town Merchent

Blue Bee has been a long time supporter of Levi's Vintage and Premium Denim lines. This season we are so stoked to have 2 of Levi's most exclusive and amazing ventures: Made & Crafted and Levis XX. Rep. Alishea Ray came to Blue Bee Men and gave us a head full of denim and a belly full of donuts early this Wednesday morning.

Revamped, Rerouted and Refined in Amsterdam. With an amazing collaboration of designers and archivists from all over the world Levi's has set out to create amazing jeans and garments that will blow your mind.

Made & Crafted: The design ethos is rooted in iconic American clothing, just like LVC. The inspiration is in American work wear, sportswear, military uniforms then mixing traditional fabrics and construction with high technology and contemporary fits. Old and new, craft and science

Click on this link to the Made & Crafted Standard Clean Icon, then click on the photo to see the back pocket. Where is the stitching that we all know and expect from Levi's? Look above(photo 8), the stitching is on the inside of the jean. As you wear the raw sanferized denim you will wear in your OWN unique Levis mark on the back pocket. This small detail is just one example of the Old and New, craft and Science of Made & Crafted.

Made & Crafted is a division of the Levi's XX under the Divine direction of Maurizio Donadi. This line focuses on replicating the exact designers that were produced in the past. From using the same techniques to the original 'Rough-Ring' thread is now made at Cone Mills, denim weavers that Levi Strauss & Co. worked with a hundred years ago.

We currently have the Collection 66 501 and the Collection 47 501. Each jean has a letter in the back pocket talking about the history of the jean, what is special about that particular year and why the design changes were made.

There is so much to find out about Levis and the History behind the denim. The best spot to get the real scoop for all you Denim Heads is at Levi's website.

Here is a rad little video where you meet Lynn Downey whom I call the Denim chick of Raddness. it might give you a little inspiration behind why Levi's XX is so rad!

and remember to patronize your home town merchant...they are your neighbors.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Dresses - Smile at the Mirror

Each Season I seem to steak out "that dress". For Fall/Winter it is geared more towards Holidays, party's and Family occasions. During Spring/Summer it is for Weddings, vacations and Baby Showers.

What I especially look for in a Dress is the movement and feel of it. Granted, Dresses are not a regular part of my wardrobe, so it needs to be something special.....Something REALLY RAD. When you put it on you say to yourself "Oh wow" and smile at the mirror.

This Spring 2010 I am seeing a lot of timeless dresses.
How you accessorize that special piece sets you apart from the rest.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - There Was No Sleeping In This Morning

Some friends of mine wanted some family photos to document a time in their life where their family is about to grow.
So, at 8am this morning we met at Hammons Beach and set off to capture the budding of a beautiful family. There was no sleeping in this morning.
K and J were kind enough to allow me to share their moment with you.

I wanted to create a mystical feel, something different, soft, and full of wonder. I thought the balloons and early morning fog would aide in this feel and look.

So after 1000+ photos, one super tired baby, a mama tired of tredging through fields and beach, and a helpful papa we were done. They were troupers! I came home and sat in front of my computer, polished off an entire bag of Pirate Booty, 2 Diet Cokes, and set out to make their moment noteworthy. Thank you Photodiarest for the nudge... I feel good about these photos.

I hope I succeeded. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Party - Blue Bee and Caulfield Preparatory Spring 2010

Here is a fun collection of photos from today's event.

It was a great sucsess and I hope that if you were not able to be there you would at least gain a love and respect for the passionate people that make small beautiques like Marty and Johns what they are.

Thank you Caulfield Prep, Jana, Jenn and all the awesome customers that come in and make our day ....everyday.

Caulfield Prep. Product Knowlage

This morning we were stoked to have Vincent Flumiani's wife an amazing partner Jana come out accompanied by her partner in crime Jenn. They gave the staff at Blue Bee Men a Product Knowlage talk about their new brand Caulfield Preparatory.

She talked about the story of Fin and his journey in finding his story.

She also talked about the clothing it's self and how each piece can truly stand on it's own and make a simple outfit stand out from the rest. It is a venue to express your story and they give the owner of the garment tons of creative license to develop a look all their own.

They include tons of buttons, belts, trinkets, textures, and accessories with each piece. The attention to detail and design is outstanding. Vincent and Jana are truly an amazing team!

SO how will you wear your story?

We are SO RAD!

The Highlight of my day was an AWESOME surprise meeting with Rock & Revolution's Cece!

BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! She barely recognized me "un-edited" LOL

Thank you to her awesome Husband for taking the photo! Hope you guys have a blast in Santa Barbara!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loeffler Randal Spring 2010 at Blue Bee

Zoe and I shot my favorite look from Loeffler Randall's Spring 2010 collection at the raddest Barber Shop in town, Willie & Sons. I walk by here every morning on my way to work. Father Willie has been cutting hair here for 30 years and son Gill is now a part of this amazing long time family run business. If you are even in Santa Barbara you definitely need to stop by and get the raddest ear lowering of your life. Ladies they also trim bangs like no other. A BIG THANK YOU!!!! to Gill and Willie for letting us invade your beautiful Barber Shop!

Loeffler Randall's Spring collection meets your Clean Trend needs. Beautiful Silk Cream colors with a splash of Turquoise, I can only describe it as Aztec Pattern Play meets Pin Up Girl.

Zoe is wearing the IT Cream Bustier Jumpsuit of the season and the Hottest Nude Pumps of Spring 2010.

This is a classy way to spice up your Summer!