Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caulfield Prep. Product Knowlage

This morning we were stoked to have Vincent Flumiani's wife an amazing partner Jana come out accompanied by her partner in crime Jenn. They gave the staff at Blue Bee Men a Product Knowlage talk about their new brand Caulfield Preparatory.

She talked about the story of Fin and his journey in finding his story.

She also talked about the clothing it's self and how each piece can truly stand on it's own and make a simple outfit stand out from the rest. It is a venue to express your story and they give the owner of the garment tons of creative license to develop a look all their own.

They include tons of buttons, belts, trinkets, textures, and accessories with each piece. The attention to detail and design is outstanding. Vincent and Jana are truly an amazing team!

SO how will you wear your story?

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