Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Dresses - Smile at the Mirror

Each Season I seem to steak out "that dress". For Fall/Winter it is geared more towards Holidays, party's and Family occasions. During Spring/Summer it is for Weddings, vacations and Baby Showers.

What I especially look for in a Dress is the movement and feel of it. Granted, Dresses are not a regular part of my wardrobe, so it needs to be something special.....Something REALLY RAD. When you put it on you say to yourself "Oh wow" and smile at the mirror.

This Spring 2010 I am seeing a lot of timeless dresses.
How you accessorize that special piece sets you apart from the rest.


Haute World said...

I used to seek out statement dresses, but I've been gearing more towards the 'blank canvas' dresses lately because I find it easier to accessorize. Those images are stunning! Love the effects... and those sandals ;-)

C. said...

A lot of creativity for these compositions !
I love the first, it look like an abstract art
or a beautiful painting ...
And the colors are always also amazing !

You have got a lot of talent :)

Cindy Whitehead said...


The Photodiarist said...

Perfect. It's art, Cristi. You amaze me. You should have a show at a gallery!

Taryn said...

love the water colour effect of these! so awesome. my biggest necessity to go with a summer dress is chunky heels, the higher the better :)