Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wilt - Much More Than A Basic

Wilt Clothing is so much more that a is a beautiful canvas for your most prized possessions.

I am totally obsessed with this easy jumpsuit.... Not only is it comfortable but it is also quite flattering (especially on me whom does not feel exactly "pulled together" or "sexy in a romper)

What have I decorated my Canvas with you ask??

Murphy's Daughter Belt

Barlow Leather Jacket

Matiko Shoes

and well the hat.... that is my son's :)

Start Getting Creative!

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Taryn said...

woah that jumpsuit is pretty could be dressed up or down in so many ways.

P.S. I loveee your blue hair!

Laura said...

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The Photodiarist said...

That's a slammin' jacket. Love the way you styled your look!

Haute World said...

That's one hell of a jumpsuit. I love the blank canvas idea and the leather jacket is fab!

Awesome blog by the way!

Alexandra said...

That's so rad. Love it.

Melanie M said...

I love these pictures! I love that jumpsuit & the color of the jacket! :D


Nells said...

this is a fashion masterpiece!!and i love your poise and attitude!!

vanillacardamom said...

that jacket is fantastic, i love the panel at the back!

Rock N Revolution said...

LOVE this outfit...chic and sexy!