Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Just Want To Fit In

I screened some of Insurgency Inc's starter kit that I got with my tee over the photos. "it's so cute how you draw on stuff and think about yourself all the time."

Sporting my new TEE (you can get one too) from the Rynham and Insurgency Inc....

.....with my Paige Premium Denim (you can get one of those as well) jeans.

It totally reminds me of how I have spent so much time trying to fit in, over 1/2 my life. INEVERDID. And then I finally gave up as I grew up. All that time and energy I wasted I now put towards the people like my friends and family who love me for who I am . . .

so now a way....I DO. That is the raddest lesson I have ever learned.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paul Smith is King

Paul Smith has constructed my most favorate boots for this fall.....the Kings Boot.

They zip up the Back and have 3 buckles.






thats what I wear.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Santa Barbara Fashionista

Ashley is wearing: Trovata Dress, Salt Eyewear Linus Trad, Fenten Fallon Bracelets, and rad Michel Kors shoes she got at Ross.

This woman has it in her to single handedly change what you wear, find your self in style, kick your sweaters up a notch, loose yourself in amazing jewelry and never hide that sexy feature you got that no one else has.

I worked with Ashley for a few years at Blue Bee and I was daily blown away at her simple, yet totally off the hook outfits that she would show up in. Off the Shoulder is her thing. I even cut one of my hoodys to make an "off the shoulder" sweater thinking I would look as cool as her.... alas I can't rock it like she does.

Trovata is also her thing... she looks hot in it, You got legs girl!

Ashley is going global now. Brace yourself.... she is coming to your town!

Rag Doll Brighten Up The Day

I am a sucker for inspiration, quotes, and silly little things that keep me stoked and positive.

This tee shirt line Rag Doll has got me.

Each tee comes with a little pouch, with a little doll inside. They are all different, you tell the doll your worries and she will take them away. I am not sure if it is because the tees are super soft, have rad colors, are cheap, or that they come with a doll that I can vent on but I am in love with this line.

The jeans I am wearing, Robin's Jeans..... well they make me feel bad ass. There are wings on my butt and my back :) So after I vent to the doll I can go out and concur the to speak. The Perfect Inspirational Outfit!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thinking Outside of the Garment Bag- Bike Night

The chick doing the burn out is an off the hook rider! on the back of her jacket it reads "Silly boys, Bikes are for Girls!" - Her bike is the one with the angel and devil girls on it . . Super rad!

One of the coolest things we do over the summer is Bike Night at Moto Loco in Santa Barbabra. Riders come from all over every Thursday night to Moto Loco and BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs, drink Rockstars, rock out to the DJ and talk shop. A few of the riders do these crazy tricks and burnouts... It is awesome to see so many styles of bikes in one place. From Harley's to Crotch rockets it is an amazing diverse crowd that I am proud to be a part of. This Thursday was the big blow out party till next summer.

Co owners Gene and Heather(pic above) are two of our closest friends we consider family. They are extremely passionate about what they do both at work and in their personal life. It is an honor to have them in our lives! Heather and her daughter check my blog every day :) Thanks for the support and Love!

Happy Sunday all!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moschino - Little Black Dresssssssssss

Gloves are by: Mason Shoes are by: Moschino

We literally just got this Beautiful Black Dress from Moschino's Fall 09 Collection. . . .
Kinda want to go to the Opera, kinda want to go to a show,
Kinda want to wear black to Cinderella's Ball.
We do have last season's Moschino on sale for 60% off at the moment.
There is a Leather Crop Bow Jacket that has caught my eye.

Over The Top

the background I used a picture from google images. I mucked with it but not sure who took the original.

I was tagged by Isquisofrenia Style - a RAD blogger - with the Over The Top award. I can use only one word answers to these questions......Here it goes!

Where's your cell phone: charger

Your hair: messy

Your mother: strong

Your father: hero

Favorite food: chocolate

Dream last night: weird

Favorite drink: diet

What room are you: bedroom

Hobby: camera

Fear: loss

Where were you last night: Cammas

Something that you aren't: normal

Muffins: cream-cheese

Wish list item: 50ml1.4

Where did you grow up: SantaYnez

What you're wearing: PJ's

Your pets: none :(

Friends: supportive

Something you're not wearing: skives

Favorite store:

Favorite color: green

Last time you laughed: wake

Your best friend: Sal

Place you go to over and over: bathroom

Person who emails you regularly: Nicole

Favorite place to eat: Lilly's

Now it is your turn!!


Big Daddy

Ricky James

The Photodiarist

The Starving Stylist

Friday, September 25, 2009

Siwy Sweetness

There is nothing more feminine and sexy than a pair of Siwy Jeans.

I rock it out with a Chaiser LA tee.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Issa - Unicorns, Doodles and Puppies

Issa always seems to create a sexy, relevant collection that builds on it's self. The pieces that I am wearing and that are available at are from Fall 2009. I stamped some of my favorites from her current Spring 2010 show in London Fashion Week. She is always classy, sexy but tailors her dresses with a modern TWIST.
I find this same element to be true with Habitual Jeans. Which is why I paired them together.
Daniella Issa has a very inspiring website that you can learn more about her, the brand, and play. Watch out for butterflies and little spiders......

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lead Derby - Born to Run!

This Photo Taken from Lead Derbys Blog

Lead Derby has some of the RADDEST prints on hoodys, tees and tanks.

I took a picture of Jeremy Chuang one of the amazing Partners in the brand.

Before I knew who he was the second he walked into the store I was snapping photos of him trying to get a good shot of his killer style.

I sneaked a peek of some of the shirts we bought for spring 10... so rad.

The cool thing about Lead Derby is that Girls can wear Boys, and Boys can wear Girls..... its a brand for the people, by the people who were born to run!!!

Check out their super rad blog and support the brand! Click HERE

Santa Barbara West Beach Festival of Fashion: Part 2

I saved the best for last!!

Crazy, Crazy Crazy

People were running amuck on Sunday, the last day of the Santa Barbara West Beach Music & Art Festival. I felt like I was in a sandy beehive.

It was totally surreal.

There was a ton of 291, 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, super distressed denim like Siwy jeans, dudes in Quiksliver, fashinistas in Lauren Moshi style tops, and Senica Rising. I saw a huge amount of clothing bought at our famous THE SALE last weekend (that you can still partake in online). Accessories were mostly McFadden style fringe bags, funky cool jewelry like Tiger Lily and Tai. There was also a lot of simple dresses such as Wilt and plaid shirts. Oh yeah, Sunglasses and BATHING SUITS

Due to the band line-up it brought out a huge 20 something crowd and their very So-Cal Bohemian/surfer style. The cell phones were out, girls arm in arm, giggling and amped on an epic night.

There were some super fun 30 somethings hanging out with their kids enjoying possibly one of the last sunny summer days before the fog rolls in. There was a bouncy house, kids stage and cool cabanas to hang out in. The last picture is of the cutest little dude with a Bob Marley tee. Just another fun day for him hanging out with mom and dad.

If you want to see the other pictures I took you are totaly welcome to check them out HERE. There are some crazy shots, more fashion, and this dude who was way too in to hula hoops.....