Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring's Play on Textures - Rips, Mesh and Studs.

When I get dressed in the morning I love playing with different textures in the clothes I have. This Spring Blue Bee has some amazing textures that I just had to get my hands on.

Here is my favorite combo: Splendid Mesh Hoody in Platinum, Joe's Jeans Anika Stud Tank, and the ultra rad new Jane Boyfriend Iso White jeans by Habitual.





combined with my favorite backyard lily's....that is rad!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rebel Yell - Men's Line that Kicks Ass

Started by Brother & Sister, Daniel and Andi Ballard, Rebel Yell Clothing is a nostalgic all American casual clothing line that reminds you of "the days". The line is named after their favorite roller rad is that!

We have been proud to carry the women's line for quite a while at Blue Bee. We now introduce Rebel Yells men's collection that is seriously ready to be warn. They offer high quality no BS V-tees, hoodys and shorts that fit in to any dude's style.

They also have this super rad Blog on their website...Remember Garbage Pail Kids??? They also have a cool look book of their Spring 2010 styles you should totally check out for outfit inspiration. They even say RAD in their description....K these peeps are ...well....SO RAD!

Support the kick ass Rebel Yell line at Blue Bee!

Jeff, my fierce model, works at Blue Bee Jeans. He is wearing: Rebel Yell California Zip Hoody in Black, Core V Pocket Tee in White, and Core Shorts in Kelly Green.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thinking outside the Garment Bag - Blue Hairs and Big Insperations

Blogger ilovecoolthings inspired me to do something I have never done before.....dye my hair BLUE!! Looks cool with my bird tattoo! :) I printed the picture from her post and brought it to the stylist. They couldn't do the drip dye thing but she got the color perfect!!! No more roots too!

ALSO, Friday my son performed in front of his entire school. The music teacher invited some of the gifted kids to preform a piece from one of their favorite composers and talk about the composer. She asked Dylan to play a song he wrote on his guitar...and talk ....well about himself. He was among some amazing and gifted artists. But the only student who played his own piece. I am so thankful that his music teacher at school is so supportive of him and his passion. Dylan dedicated this song to his dad who is responsible for cultivating this gift.

I was in awe of my little man.....

May you NEVER let go of your dreams Pickle!

Quiksilver Spring 2010 - Step in to the Light

Quiksilver's Women's Spring 2010 Collection has arrived at Blue Bee.

Colors of Ginger, Pink, Platinum, and my favorite Chain Mail a beautiful Grey. Stripes, lace, Owls, and studs all swirled together to make this rad line one of my favorites in the stores and online. Another beautiful thing is that all pieces are under $90.

Quiksilver was started by 3 "mates": Alan Green from Torquay, Carol McDonald from Ocean Grove and Tim Davis from Torquay during the hippie movement the 1960's. Wanting to build their live around surfing...they made board shorts. 30 years later Quiksilver has become an expression of a passionate lifestyle.

On another awesome note, this Friday I was able to shoot Zoe in the Quiksilver collection. Zoe is our super rad model for Not only was it super rad to not have to take pictures of myself this time it gave me more freedom to get on camera what I had in my head. I hope you are inspired by these photos, Zoe does such a killer job and it was really quite fun!

Zoe is wearing the East End short sleeve zip up in Chain Mail, 3/4 sleeve striped dress in Chain Mail,Hollywood Trading Co.Fishbone Belt in Cognac, and Matiko Adri sandals in Nude.(I'm getting these shoes by the way...they are rad

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T by Alexander Wang Spring 2010 - Vagabond

We just loaded up Alexander Wang's Spring T collection today at We all have seen his line presented as if the cheerleaders raided the boys locker room. Well my take on the collection is a little different. I saw this beautiful Army colored tank that set my mind elsewhere.

Devious and sexy. These simple yet totally original "basics" if you will beg to be noticed.

In lue of Alexander Wang being from California, I threw on my two favorite pieces from Tiger Lily as well as a wicked rad belt from a new line Hollywood Trading Co.

Diva's, Ladies, Cheerleaders, Good Girls, Working Women, Undercover MLF's, and Spiritual Divas...... ALL OF US have a searching Vagabond somewhere deep in side.

How will you wear you T ?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Sale is now 60% off!

Blue Bee's Spring Sale is still going on. We dropped the discount off from 50% to 60%. Jeans, leather jackets, tops, dresses, shoes, and jewelry.

This is not last years styles...most of these items are bran spanking new. Women call and ask me if the clothes we have on sale are legit....Like they can not believe it....."Yes - we are a little boutique in Santa Barbara" I say, "we just need to make room for all the other rad stuff we are getting, were good people dude!" It is really endearing :)

If that tax return is burning a hole in the pocket of your old jeans, just get some new ones!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation- Family Tradition

Every year since I was about 7 my family would go to La Quinta to watch the ATP tennis tournament in March. The Trip has grown from me, my brother and parents to the 4 of us and our family's as well.

I am so lucky to be able to take a few days off and continue the tradition. (Nicole my manager is doing all of my work while I am gone on top of her own stuff........She Rocks!!!!) and Shamizle is back packing all the orders while I am gone. It takes a lot of work when someone takes time off so I had to throw out some thank yous!!!

So here we are...killing time on these hammocks before the matches start. My Dad brought his lab top so that I can post while we are here. I'll be visiting you guys soon!

Off to see some RAD tennis, get a sunburn, and hang out with the family! It will be interesting because all the big names lost early on.... we will be watching the future of tennis this year :) I hope to get some pictures of the players as well as the very fun fashions people wear to the matches.