Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Heart Art

ADESSO (7 of 9)

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The New Space for Adesso Jewelry. Full of life and possibilities. I am honored to be a part of this.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adesso Jewelry - NOW

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FAB.COM (1 of 1)
Jenn is wearing: Amitola Bangle, Ginevera Single Strand Necklace, Amitola Wrap Necklace, Koko Wrap Necklace(can be warn as well as a bracelet), Chumana White Wood Bracelet.

I had so much fun shooting for Adesso Jewerly's  debut on FAB.COM. Adesso is designed by an amazing local Santa Barbara artist Samantha Goldstone. Adesso means "now" or in the moment in Italian and that is exactly where Samantha is at. Featured in Santa Barbara Magazine,  "O" Opera's magazine, Green Living , the D list and the ever popular Chumana Grey and Turquoise  and Amitola Wood Necklaces adorned Rachel Ray during her show. She is definitely a designer in the NOW!

My collections capture a moment in time and are infused with my love of travel and world history. Each piece is handmade in Santa Barbara, California with vintage and modern components and meant to inspire an expression of one’s authentic self.

It was SUCH a cold day we had the heater going in the studio all day! Jenn, lead Artisan, modeled the Jewelry that she has added so much of her love and time in assisting Samantha to make. She is such a fun/beautiful person to work with and toughed out the cold room and goose bumps.  Jenn teaches, guides and works alongside the team of women that make the Adesso Pieces right here in Santa Barbara.  A Santa Barbara local herself she is the perfect example of what it means to live an "Adesso" lifestyle; Eclectic, Athletic, Nurturing, Traveler, Authentic, Philanthropist, Green, Balanced, Loved, Selfless...& Strong!

I had the help of the amazing Creative Director for Adesso, Liberty Hanson. She really makes it happen, and has one of those rare gifts and eye for what is off in a shot, look or ensemble. Liberty is a key player in getting the name of Adesso out there.  Right by Samantha's side Liberty really gets what the company is about and the vibe of the collections and Samantha's designs. Liberty takes the colorful, tribal, boho chic designes that Samantha has created and takes them to the next level.

Can't wait to see what is in store for next season. Until then the Totem Collection will be in on my mind and the items in my shopping bag.

Adesso's FAB.COM sale is going on now for three days, be a part of this RAD deal!!! All above 35% off! I hope you enjoy this amazing jewelry line as much as I do!


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Matt (1 of 1)

Getting Grease on you leg is RAD

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One of Many

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Photogs set up with their big lenses and tri- pods.

It was not the Epic day it rumored to be. But there were many men and women racing to wrestle with their demons in the barrels of the sea.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Red Maps - Los Angeles

I collaborated with Red Maps,a small, NYC-based company, in making this short film about their Los Angeles Map. They have been supportive of my photography, THATSORAD productions, and my art since my happy days at Blue Bee.

It was quite fun collaborating with owner Jim Leniart, and the Band Starfish Stories :: The Band that is based out of Singapore! It has become quite a Global Creation!

"These short films are a way for us to collaborate with some very talented people. And if they help inform everyone about Red Maps...that's cool too. It's about having fun."

I hope I will get to do another!

Red Maps had mastered making unique city maps that are smart, beautiful and easy-to-use. But our interest is not only maps, on our blog we highlight design in all its forms, including autos, furniture, architecture and more...we don't see a reason to limit ourselves.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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I love this low light one. We had a blast at Studio 21x12 today!