Saturday, September 26, 2009

Over The Top

the background I used a picture from google images. I mucked with it but not sure who took the original.

I was tagged by Isquisofrenia Style - a RAD blogger - with the Over The Top award. I can use only one word answers to these questions......Here it goes!

Where's your cell phone: charger

Your hair: messy

Your mother: strong

Your father: hero

Favorite food: chocolate

Dream last night: weird

Favorite drink: diet

What room are you: bedroom

Hobby: camera

Fear: loss

Where were you last night: Cammas

Something that you aren't: normal

Muffins: cream-cheese

Wish list item: 50ml1.4

Where did you grow up: SantaYnez

What you're wearing: PJ's

Your pets: none :(

Friends: supportive

Something you're not wearing: skives

Favorite store:

Favorite color: green

Last time you laughed: wake

Your best friend: Sal

Place you go to over and over: bathroom

Person who emails you regularly: Nicole

Favorite place to eat: Lilly's

Now it is your turn!!


Big Daddy

Ricky James

The Photodiarist

The Starving Stylist


The Photodiarist said...

Love that shot! It so made me laugh. In worship of an amazing shoe! Got the tag! Thanks Cristi . . . will respond to it soon:-)

ilovecoolthings said...

omg you are the CUTEST, i love that photo!


nycrun said...

love the top shot

The Beautiful And Glammed said...

funky soundtrack and even funkier blog, we've been clicking our way through :) x

Faire said...

oh thank you! my blog friend. frog? blend? blofriend?


thanks for the tag. i've got an idea and will get to it tomorrow if it's not raining!...

thatsorad said...

so excited for all the taggs! :) I'm a good tagger if I dont say so myself!

Liya said...

haha too adorable
so cool

Big Daddy said...

Ah thanks girl, i am about to do it right now.
Ps. i saw a show on volcanoes yesterday and your picture looks like its a cross of volcano eruption and retail therapy. Hahah i love it!

thatsorad said...

AHHAHAHAHAHA, Big Daddy, I am going to have to use that for sure!!!!