Thursday, September 2, 2010

Da Nang Fall 2010 - The Original Military Surplus Style

Da Nang Fall 2010 164-2

Da Nang Fall 2010 150-2

Da Nang Fall 2010 246-2 (2)

Da Nang Fall 2010 070-2

Da Nang Fall 2010 119-2a

Noelle is wearing: Da Nang Cargo Hooded Jacket, Embroidered Cargo Pant, Aude Crawford Stripe Tank,

Da Nang Is having it's day in the Sun. With Military Style becoming one of the most sought out trend this Fall 2010 season the true visionaries of Indo-Chine Surplus is rocking the house at Blue Bee with their Cargo's, Tunics, Maxi Dress and Military Inspired fashions.

Staying true to their style, Da Nang has always produced beautiful designs that Blue Bee has loved from the first year they opened their doors. Using amazing washable silk fabrics, embroidery, prints embellished with the small touches that takes Da Nang to a completely different level.

Da Nang can never be copied or reproduced. Designed for a fashion forward eclectic woman who is not afraid to be feminine. Da Nang Surplus defines casual luxury.... sexy, comfortable style, and feels like heaven on.

Surplus Indo-Chine Style that is more than just a seasonal Trend.....It is the heartbeat of Da Nang.

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