Sunday, September 5, 2010

John Varvatos Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men - Preppy Boys are Bad Ass

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 079-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 085-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 093-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 144-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 295-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 411-2

Grey, Beige, Dark Brown, Eggplant, Hemp Tee's, Stripes and zippers. Star USA by John Varvatos is a little more light hearted that the monotone John Varvatos collection but still all Rock and Roll. His American style has lightened up and gone a little preppy, think Alice Cooper sitting in the den with the Dead Poet's society. Richus!

If you want to kick up your JV Star Style a notch then just roll your those Cork Khaki's up just a little and leave your socks in the drawer. Throw on a long scarf and let it all hang out the bottom of John Varvatos' AMAZING Asymmetrical Soft Jacket with buttons, zippers and stripes. You won't blend in the crowd.

Oh and yet another designer that shares Blue Bee's 10 year anniversary, in celebration John Varvatos has created an ad campaign to top them all...actually it includes them all.

The John Varvatos 10 th Anniversary Ad Campaign will be featured nationwide in all John Varvatos store windows, August 20-October 1, 2010. Print ads will run in Vanity Fair , Esquire, GQ, Details, Vogue Homme , L'Uomo Vogue, Fantastic Man and Wonderland, to name a few.
Outdoor Advertising will feature NY bus shelters, LA Billboards, Las Vegas Taxi Tops, and San Francisco Bus shelters.

In 2005 John Varvatos chased a collaboration with Photographer Danny Clinch and creative director Stephen Niedzweicki that resulted in a revolutionary add campaign that is as famous as the clothes these bloaks are wearing. They feature ZZ Top, Franz Ferdinand, Perry Farrell, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Velvet Revolver, Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell, Joe Perry and Ryan Adams.

“I wanted to work with musicians that were iconic in their own right. Alice Cooper is the godfather of Shock Rock and Iggy Pop is the godfather of Punk. The younger guys like Franz Ferdinand are breaking new ground. I wanted to say that style is not about being pretty; you have to have some kind of an edge. It’s also not about trends, but about being timeless. Just like these artists’ music, this imagery will live on and be discovered and embraced by future generations.” - John Varvatos

Preppy Boys ARE Bad Asses

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Rock N Revolution said...

My dear friend,
I am such a terrible blogging friend recently...
But that does not mean I do not love u leaps and bounds! These photos are amazing and I will show them to my John Varvatos neighbors at The Mart! SO RAD! xo