Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rogan Men's Fall 2010 Collection at Blue Bee Men

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 6

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 4

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 2

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 3

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 1
Owen is wearing all Rogan Dent Headwarmer, Spangler Scarf, Wilkinson Navigate shirt, Vondal Cardigan Black, and Puck Ataria Jeans

A blue collar baby Rogan Gregory began the early "sprouts" of his work-wear feel from his simple home town of Kent, Ohio. Rogan Gregory has his influence and involvement in so many different and amazing ventures now from art to clothing and were the lines cross you will find him.

You will find him in an inspirational shift in
Rogan VS BBlessing. Saturated by rhythm at a Earth Day with Subterranean Drum Circle, Or an object or two. From an interview with Time Out Chicago Rogan says this "I like modern that has a little grit and a little soul to it. So, if you look at a table that’s mid-century, over the years it’s gotten scarred and worn. It’s still that great modern shape, but it’s also got a lot of character." He spoke these words in 2008.... they still hold true today. Character? Vision? Focus? probably all.

Wallpaper's Eco Edit Rogan states: "I am definitely aesthetic-oriented. If I don’t like the way the way something looks but it’s super-eco, I don’t give a shit. It’s got to look nice," he says. "I’m just not so extreme and I don’t expect people to be so extreme. I expect people to buy things for the way they look. I don’t count on people to do it out of the goodness of their heart, I don’t think you can." Bringing it back to the earth many of Rogan's ventures have been and are to this day as organic and sustainable as possible. His partnership with other lines such as Loomstate and Edun all clothing is 100% organic. With Rogan(while partially organic) it screams design first.

Rogan's influence is not also from the blue collar, middle American environmentalist, he also has a skill that most Californians can relate to. Surfing. How does a man from Ohio, resides in NY, works relentlessly know how to surf? I have no idea. I will have to ask him at some point.

Men's Fall 2010 collection is a artistic toss of what seems to be knitted static, hand picked button details, legends, specific placement of points, and fabric that almost illuminates their color. This fall has more hidden messages than a Beatles album. Seriously ...what does it all MEAN? I ask my-self. And what answer do I get? "Call you MOM"

But I am naturally sucked in to the allure of WTF and can not but help love every piece of Rogan's Men's and Women's collection. They are so exquisitely made, sturdy fabric and style that just wont go away. No wonder Rogan Gregory has won so many awards for his simple yet revoutionary expressionism, design, and vision.

Which brings me to a big thanks to my husband's dear friend Owen for allowing me to photograph him. Owen is also a surfer, AMAZING artist(check out his blog "
this world is parallel") and lover of rad fashion. We talked about Rogan's clothing longer than we did taking pictures of him in them. Owen was quickly captured by the allure of WTF and totally related to the fit, feel and look of the collection.

And this is just the beginning for Fall.... I can not wait to show you our second shipment of
Rogans Fall 2010 collection at Blue Bee and Blue Bee Men. This Ohoian gone rogue will always build the character of my closet. What about yours?

Rogan Fall 2010 at Blue Bee Men 5


The Photodiarist said...

Great colors. There's really no limit to your imagination. I love that about you.


Rogan has not only amazing clothing, but ethics, something increasingly rare in business. Your fabulous photos highlight the nature of those great pieces, the beach was a natural choice, and Sal's friend is a perfect fit! Another lovely post sister!

Marty said...

I just checked out all of the cool Rogan pieces at Blue Bee Men in Santa Barbara and I want one of everything. I had a hard time choosing! So Rad! Rogan, this is your best season yet!

ilovecoolthings said...

i want that cardigan! lately i just can't seem to get enough of walking into men's stores and buying their stuff instead of women's. i don't know... the cut is just much nicer?
xoxoxoxoxoxo miss you!