Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bucket List: Best Jeans out there

Did you know that when our buyers/owners of Blue Bee go to Market and buy for the next season they have to painstakingly look through thousands and thousands of awesome clothing to choose what is right for our customers.

The most detailed of that process is for denim. Marty and John seem to have an eye for premium denim that no one else does, they are picky when it comes to fit, trend and the quality of the wash. Women all over the world to our beloved city of Santa Barbara put their trust in Marty and John's eye and style.

They can walk into an amazing showroom such as Hudson and have hundreds of washes to choose from that come in a grip of different cuts. We wont buy them all, that is not our style, We buy the best of the best denim available. There are online shops, boutiques and department stores that do buy it all, that is awesome that they have that working for them.

Blue Bee is about shifting through it all and bringing you only the absolute best. That is what we have working for us.

Here is Marty and John's IT list for Woman's Denim: Our Favorites

P.S. before you click over look to the right, i have a cool opportunity to offer a 20% off coupon code that works on all denim at Blue Bee. If you need help with what cut or size would be right for you I would love to help! This is my absolute favorite part of my job!


Call: 1-866-258-3233 x 104


Christina said...

thats a great shot!
i love your blog :)

style-haus said...

great post! they do have an awesome selection of denim, narrowed down to just the premium stuff...

p.s. did i mention ur photographs are always stunning?!

The Photodiarist said...

GREAT Photo!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Awesome picture - you guys always do have the best selection of fab jeans and I love your discount codes!!

Rock N Revolution said...

This one is amazing! xo