Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evisu - Private Stock for Maniac's

Evisu is a new line to Blue Bee....but not new to the jean market.

In 1988 jean connoisseur Hidehiko Yamane began making his own selvage denim. Only 12 Evis Jeans, the original name of his line, was produced in Osaka. Adding a personal touch Yamane himself painted the seagull print on the back pocket that we are now so familiar with. In 1997 Evisu jeans grew up and became the designer jeans that we enjoy today.

They tend to run a little large, but note:

Pre-Washed Denim + wash them cold with no dryer they will shrink a half inch if you dry then they will shrink more.

Unwashed Denim + waist will shrink 1 inch, length up to 2 inches washed cold and hung to dry.

When it comes to washing your jeans...."buy few pairs of Evisu jeans and wash sometimes"

Find Evisu for both




I'm wearing the Evisu Ashiya Skinny Jeans and a Quiksilver Tank. Dylan is being just straight up silly but he has a Quiksilver shirt on too. You could say we are both Maniac's ...p.s. any one have a lawn mower for sale????


ruya tabirleri said...

I really like the pictures you've drawn

The Photodiarist said...

These are some of the best! Really! Even though they are simpler than your usual style, they are still so much your style. And you know I love black and white. You are inspiring me again. Love these.

Isquisofrenia said...

wow this looks like a freaken rad photoshoot ,this should be in a magazine!
dig it too much. those wings are just amazing!
have a fun weekend with your family

Nells said...

hey hype girL!!LOVE THIS ONE AS WELL!!
i left a little something for you on blog!!

Nells said...

hey hype girL!!LOVE THIS ONE AS WELL!!
i left a little something for you on blog!!

Blue Bee Style said...

The best picture of your wings ever!

C. said...

These are sublime !
Beautiful Black & White !

Ashley said...

Awesome photos. love the b+w.

sofiasophie said...

nice & cool pics...

Cindy Whitehead said...

Love your wings and all the rad pix!

UnoCosa said...

did i tell you that you are the coolest girl around ;-) - i want to hang out with you, lOL!!!

btw: pls. dont' mind my recent absence ... i'm working on getting back regular blogging soon, xx

Rock N Revolution said...

I so love this spread!!!
Hope you had a great Mother's Day too!