Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hunter Boots - the World of the Welly

Hunter Boots at Blue Bee 038-2

Hunter Boots at Blue Bee 009-2

Hunter Boots at Blue Bee 023-2

So My Husband and Son gave me some Green Original Tall Hunter Boots for Christmas....It has been a rainy season this year in Santa Barbara. Now I find myself electing to........

get the mail,
take out the trash,
grab the wood for the fireplace......

Just so that I can put on my Welly's and take a walk outside.

I found out some much more interesting facts about Hunter Boots:

It takes a gallon of custard to fill a size 10 Hunter.

Paddington Bear started wearing his red wellies in 1972 when the first soft toys of the character were produced.

Well into the 20th Century, rubber was more valuable than silver.

Some people love their wellies so much that they give each pair a name and even have a 'Welly Naming Ceremony'

.......What would you name your wellies? Mine? wellll "Mean, Green, Chore Team" Or "McKennedy".... one or the other.

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Amanda said...

Oooh! I love this post! I just wrote about my Hinter boots too...but i like your post more than mine :). I do the same...look for excuses to wear them. I'll think, "Well, it snowed last week, maybe there are puddles...I better don my boots."