Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Erickson Beamon Chandelier










I remember when we got this Chandelier from Erickson Beamon... with in my first year of working for Blue Bee. I remember when we received it... watching Marty and John open the amazing box built just for this beautiful huge piece of artwork.

Created by Karen and Monique Erickson and the team at Erickson Beamon spent 2 weeks in their New York studio creating this amazing piece especially for Blue Bee.

I have had 2 customers seriously consider buying it since then. We have never really spent any time or effort selling it. It is one of those pieces that is SO specific to a person or home and really I can not imagine Blue Bee with out it.

With a new and fun idea in mind we put the Chandelier on Ebay .... just to get it out there.... see what would happen. With the idea in mind there is ONE person out there who is missing something....... something so special and rad. . . a Chandelier perhaps?

Spread the word.... Bidding starts NOW!!


Li said...

hi, hi!!!! it's been a long time. just to drop by and say hi :-))) well, the photos of Chandelier are fantastic! i hope it finds a home!! a good home that will take care of it with love!


The Photodiarist said...

Hey there! It's been too long since I've visited! Thanks for your comments today. Hope all is going well.