Monday, July 27, 2009

He's So Rad - Funky Chicken

One of the most fashionable men in Santa Barbara takes time to kick it with yours truly.

Introducing Marty Bebout

1. what is your favorite piece of clothing right now?

I love all of my Ksubi jeans, but I especially love the grey Joey’s that I got from Purdom, a guy that works for Ksubi. I probably wouldn’t have bought them because they’re super skinny, but there you go! I think I would wear Ksubi’s and Band of Outsider shirts every day, if I had enough of them. I also wear Converse Jack Purcells almost every day. They are the consummate, classic, modern sneaker. I am also a big fan of Creative Recreation.

2. what are you most passionate about in life?

I love to surf and I love my chocolate Lab, Daisy. I love to read mystery novels and I love to do crossword puzzles. Oh, and I love to eat potato chips. Travel’s not my favorite thing; I like to stay close to home. And, I really love to work, too. I love what I do.

4.what do you have in your closet that you love SO much but have no where to wear it to.

I have a one-of-a-kind Henry Duarte long denim jacket with a collar that looks like two birds that was a gift from a special friend. Unless I start a rock band and go on tour and have an interview and photoshoot with Rolling Stone Magazine, I don’t think it’ll make it out of the closet. I have a couple pieces by Lucien Pellat-Finet that I absolutely love, but they are not really wearable. I think they are just part of my collection. I try to wear all of my faves every once in a while, but some are just not wearable – they’re just useless pieces of art collecting dust and amusing no one, but me. If I knew someone that would really wear them, I’d probably give them up.

Shirt - Band of Outsiders
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
(the one day he DOESN'T wear Ksubi's)
(you can only imagine how cool they look!)


One well put together Funky Chicken.


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Anonymous said...

That's sooooooooooooooooo rad!

john said...

I LOVE Marty's look! Band of Outsiders shirts are my favorite too!

Dan Jablons said...

Clearly, this is a guy who understands fashion.

nycrun said...

very cool

Robine said...

An man with style.
Nice to read this.

xx Robine

Shehera said...

Who is that handsome man? He's so rad!! :)