Thursday, July 23, 2009

She's So Rad - Humble Snow White

Cindi saved four baby Opossums on her lunch break today.
"My people" she lovingly refers them

She works a full time job and if not off rescuing beloved critters on her breaks,
she dedicates her Saturdays at the local wildlife rescue shelter.
My dear friend has an awesome style about her that no one can really copy or mimic.

"ONE THING for sure is's spontaneous.
I am ALWAYS flying through the room at the last minute figuring out what the heck to put on!"

It is her own.
Here is a little bit more about Cindi and her totally rad look.

She is a huge fan of Tarina Tarantino and all her skull Jewelry

A Goth Girl at heart Cindi always has the coolest Jewelry. Feminine with a little edge.
She is also wearing
skull necklace by Giles & Brothers , Miracle Icons bracelet and a Deisel cuff.

The days that she does not wear a shirt without a bird on it are far and few between.
Here she is wearing a men's Paul Smith tee.
and of course Modern Amusement is a staple......she LOVES crows.

I asked her a few questions:

1. what is your favorite piece of clothing right now?

My Frye harness see them a lot on me!

2. what are you most passionate about?

Animals, all of them! And my two little dogs and lovebird.

3. what color lipstick do you wear?

Aveda Sutra or Cerise lipstick

4.what do you have in your closet that you love but have no where to wear it.

A beautiful Betsey Johnson ankle length beaded dress from Blue Bee. Only worn to a wedding once and a Hospice fundraiser

For more information on the Wilderness Shelter that Cindy Volunteers at please visit:


Maria said...

Thanks for following my blog! You're the first one :)
I love yours!

Maria x

Kris said...

Hi Cristi,
Great blog and fascinating subject - my sister! She is a super cool, super hero animal freak, with amazing style! Thanks for honoring her.