Friday, February 12, 2010

Naked and Famous - We got Schooled

Brandon Svarc, owner of Naked and Famous Denim came to the Blue Bee Men's store this morning to talk about he and his brother's below the radar Canadian Denim company.
Note the "broken twill" he had used in the Slim Guy jeans that he is wearing. It was a process that Wrangler used to solve the "leg twist" that began happening when jeans were made with right or left hand twill. It is not really needed or used these days but it is a unique rair tecqnique ....and so that is rad, right!
I am officially in awe of his knowlege and passion for the denim making process. I will touch on a few basics of why Japanese Selvage Denim is the best. He told us that there are 3 major elements that make the denim they buy.
1. Made from Selvage looms: Quality, uniqueness, characteristic wear
2. The dyeing process: They have a careful process of dipping and drying the fabric careful to not die completely to the core. That way when your jeans wear there are multiple layers of color that "shine through"
3 The Water: the company they buy from is in Wakayama(near the mountains) where there are minerals that are naturally infused in the water they use for the growing, dying, and washing their jean material. The WATER is what makes them stand above the rest!
He also introduced some additions to his jean line. There will be a hoody available for Fall 10 that is made from these old Italian looms that were sold to Japan(the selvage story of hoodies) It is called the Tsuri Hang, a circular weave, and it takes one hour to weave one meter of material. And as crazy and rare is this hoody they have it at retail value of about $100.....that is unheard of. Those are made in Okayama.
The gimmick is that there is no gimmick, It is our job to make things complicated.


UnoCosa said...

this is really awesome to have such intimate contact w/ people behind the label and explain their point of view!!! selvage part of fabric is the strongest - and naturally, for men's denim, in particular, it becomes an added bonus in premium denim! as for the water - what an interesting view!!!

have a great weekend, xx

Eri said...


Just came across your blog and it's great!

Please come and visit mine too.

Hope to see you soon.

Rock N Revolution said...

Wow...amazing the details that go into it.
I love it when a company takes pride in their process.
It shows so much!

The Photodiarist said...

Those look like great jeans, Cristi!

Liya said...

so kickass!!!

thanks so much for the award :)

Cindy Whitehead said...

I love that everyone at Blue Bee gets to learn so much about different lines and how they are made etc. Very cool that you in turn share it with us! Now when are the mens AW tees coming in? - need one for the hubby (-:

Style Odyssey said...

i'm so glad to see this info...after googling japanese denim, and not finding anything that i can really understand (such as why it's different- can't help it, i'm a curious soul!)
thanks for sharing!

Marty said...

Thatsorad is so RAD because you are showing people the styles and the stories behind them in a format that is interesting and intriguing! I'm sure also that Blue Bee Men will sell tons of Naked & Famouns Denim, and also at Now we know you are an accomplished photograper, artist stylist, fashionista and reporter! Amazing how the economy makes us all grow. Blue Bee in Santa Barbara is so lucky to have you and the world wide web is a better place with your Blue Bee blog, Thatsorad! YOU ARE SO RAD!!!

Marty said...

Blue Bee Men would like to thank Brandon for making time in his super busy schedule to come visit us in Santa Barbara and share his knowledge and charm and charisma with our staff. There are very few new brands that have a purpose in the saturated denim market, but there are lots of very compelling reasons to buy Naked & Famous. You can count on Blue Bee Men to be carrying a wide selection of the latest styles at all times. Brandon - we at Blue Bee Men are your biggest fans! Thanks again, bruh! Haha!

Sabine said...

I'm impressed by your jeans knowledge! Plus the schooling looks like real fun. I don't know if you're into celebrating it, but I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!