Friday, September 23, 2011

Fruit de Mer

Steve - Ocian Pearl (5 of 10)

Stephanie (2 of 2)

Stephanie (1 of 2)

Steve and Stephanie are two locals that catch what you will be eating in 90% of the Restaurants in the Santa Barbara County that sell fish. Your favorite Sushi restaurant that serves Uni... yah Stephanie totally DIVED for that yesterday.

Steve is like Santa Barbara's local "Deadliest Catch" Crab fisherman. His works with one deckhand, 3 day trips, totally hard core.

It was a pleasure shooting these dynamic people for one of the raddest local Magazines, Dining & Destinations. So next time you come to Santa Barbara pay homage to these hard working, dedicated fishermen and women and enjoy some of our local Sea Food Restaurants.

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