Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aether Closing the Gap Between Space and Heaven

Thank You to Eric at the Blue Bee Men's store for letting me photograph you :)

Aether is an line of outdoor jackets that has basically covered any complaint you have thought about...

Don't like it when you hood always blows up in the wind...YOU'RE COVERED

Don't like it when your "cell phone" pocket doesn't really hold your cell phone....YOU'RE COVERED

Don't like it when you walk in the office wearing a suit more expensive than your lab top and a big puffy red and yellow jacket accessorized with last years ski lift ticket.... YOU'RE COVERED

Don't like coughing up an entire pay check to stay warm....YOU'RE COVERED

Don't like it when you walk out of the house looking like Ralfy's brother from A Christmas Story....YOU'RE COVERED

Don't like it when you buy a nice looking jacket you can wear to work in the winter and you realize too late that it is not even wind, rain, or even cold resistant....YOU'RE COVERED

Don't like it when you go on a weekend outdoor excursion with your friends and you are wearing the same gear you had in High School and then you run in to that girl, boy you had a crush on for so long at the lodge..and they comment on how "80's your jacket looks, way to bring it back".....YOU'RE DEFINITELY COVERED

The owners and visionaries of Aether Palmer West and Jonah Smith have you covered! Check out their awesome website where I Incorporated their inspirations on to my photos. This brand is amazing I am blown away at how they combined Style, Performance, Necessity, Price, Technology and Quality.


Michael said...

oh wow that hoodie's colour is just astounding!

Robine said...

cute pics :)

The Photodiarist said...

So creative Cristi. Love the pictures but really like the second to last. The Jazz is a great accompaniment! Really puts me in a great mood this Sunday morning.

John Doucette said...

The Space Hoody from Aether is AMAZING! We have them available on I have an Aether Space Hoody and I LOVE it! PS LOVE the photos with Lily and the graphics over the photos!