Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tiger Lily Collection

Designer Heather Gardner, a Malibu California native, came to show her new Tiger Lily Collection at the Blue Bee warehouse this month. Her handmade jewelry line is one of Blue Bee Boutique and Blue Bee Online's biggest sellers.

It is like she takes a little piece of the California Sun and infuses it in to every piece she makes. Both strong and elegant, there is a balance that she creates in her designs that speaks to Heathers love of nature and her sense of "the purest core of a woman". She puts so much LOVE, CARE and PASSION into her jewelry. Her California Bohemian style is infectious.

"My favorite band... hmmmmmm... I'll say Ray LaMontagne's "Till the Sun
Turns Black" is one of my tops and John Foreman's single albums "Fall",
"Summer", "Spring", and "Winter." John is the lead singer of
Switchfoot who has some amazingly poetic and uniquely creative music and
lyrics that inspire me when I am designing and making jewelry."

I was honored to meet her little man, soon to be a Malibu surf grom, Dakota. He is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Couldn't keep his hands off his mom's jewelry.

Tiger Lily collection just debuted their new Blog that updates weekly with fashion trends, events, specials, and showroom happenings. They even featured Blue Bee :) and thatsorad!!!

I invite you to check it out! There is so much awesome information on Trends in Color, Featured Store, Featured Design, Contacts and what Heather and her line is all about.


Revolution Vintage said...

So glad you did this post!!! I LOVE Heather and had lost her info in transition from the old store.
I just emailed her...Thanks!!!!

Clara said...

great pics.
cute baby!

Lesley said...

Love these pics!!! Especially the last one!!! That baby is adorable!!! :-)

ChloƩ said...

Those necklaces are so subtle and delicate, I love them so.
Aww, and this young man is so adorable! :)

kpeach said...

aw that babe is too cute-love the sort of luxe navajo look of the jewelry xx

Shae Acopian Detar said...

I really love the lighting on these pictures! You are quite creative. The angles and everything are cool. I myself just picked up photography about a week and a half a ago or so. I am so new, and feel so clueless. It's fun to look at other photographers and hear their stories behind the shots. Great blog! I bookmarked it.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg , this is so awesome, im so jealous that you got to meet her, i bet you meet all this wonderful people.
those necklaces are so amazing!!!!!

10ThMuse said...

heey, yeah, i kinda did that because i couldn't make up my mind about the photos and how they look on my page.. i'm a weirdo when it comes about these things..

btw, the jewelry above is amazing!

Barbro Andersen said...

I love the mood in these pictures! So dramatic, yet cozy <3 Checked out the blog too, very nice :)

You're so sweet! Thanks!