Monday, October 12, 2009

AG Aged: My BFF for 17 Years

Top: Splendid, Jeans: AG Jeans 4 Year Damage, Leggings: Ella Moss Lace

Destruction doesn't get much better than this.

AG Jeans has a very coveted way of making their Aged Jeans look like you personally have warn them for 17 years, or what ever year you choose really. They are hand made jeans.

1 Year

4 (hard) Years

5 Years

8 Years

10 Years

17 Years

All in All they are All Good Years.


La Chauve-Souris said...

love the pixs!! the colours are funky

Revolution Vintage said...

Handmade jeans...right up my alley! Love it!!!
Don't forget to email me : )
I definitely want to give u some stuff to sport in S.B.!
Gotta get the word out!

Big Daddy said...

Oh those jeans look great, that second picture is insane!! haha

kpeach said...

so cool-they feel like break dancing or something xx

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg 17 years??? wow, it doesnt get better than that.
awesome photos!!!

thatsorad said...

Oh I wish, They LOOK Like my bff for 17 years, they actualy aren't. I actually have a lether jacket that is though.

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Russia is great! Actualy I'm still there or here actualy. :D The people are super nice and the weather has been awesome!

And thank you very much for all your sweet comments. They always make me smile!


Leah said...

That's awesome. And the images are hot.

kirstyb said...

interesting pics xoxox

The Photodiarist said...

Super images, Cristi! Really gives the impression of worn in, distressed jeans.

Glad you liked UnoCosa. Figured we might have similar taste in blogs:-)

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

love those!! and amazing picture effects