Saturday, June 5, 2010

Space Available

wearing: Jame's Jeans Twiggy China Doll, Frank & Eileen linen Plaid button up in Blue/Red, Gallea Belt that says "Santa Barbara" on the back of it.

Meet Stephanie, one of the premium denim guru's at Blue Bee Jeans. She's a rad chick and awesome to work with! I was stoked she let me highlight how rad she looked in her James Twiggy's.

We always talk shop, fashion and about our favorite designers at work. The topic of discussion lately has been about James Jeans(also known as James Cured by Seun) and how the fit and wear of this Premium Denim Brand just seems to keep getting better and better. The Twiggy is one of the most popular cuts at the Jeans Store. Women put them on and they can't help but walk out of the door without a pair in their bag. Definitely a Premium Denim to check out next time you have a skinny jean on your shopping list. James seems to be out to Cure us all of our denim disasters.

I also had Stephanie throw on a Frank & Eileen shirt. These hot little button ups is the sister line to Aude Clothing. We just got a shipment of the Barry Linen Shirts that we are having a hard time keeping in stock. If you want to follow the "Boyfriend Shirt" trend but still want to look sexy and aren't really into going back to the grunge rocker look that rocked 15 years ago then this is your summer button down must have! Kim Raver looked so sharp in her button up back in January. Frank & Eileen is really an amazing a designer label that you will be hearing about for quite a while.

"While empty store fronts are great for checking myself out as I am walking down the street, creating reflection for photos, or displaying art in the windows: I am seeing too many local business drifting away. State St. is getting empty. It is a reminder to me to support local business and share the love along with the great deals that larger corporate business can offer. I shot Stephanie in front of the newest empty store front not because of the cool reflections, but as a reminder to us all to love on the little business too" - Cristi


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Great photos AND message. 'SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MERCHANTS!" -Bella Q

ChloƩ said...

why thank you!!
really glad to hear this!

I'm liking the photos on your blog!
they are really cool


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

such pretty over-exposed photos!

The Photodiarist said...

Have I told you lately what an absolutely brilliant photographer you are? Okay. You are absolutely brilliant.

Cindy Whitehead said...

She looks so cute - love that top! Yes, I agree - supporting local business's is SO important. We are having the same problem in Hermosa.

UnoCosa said...

i just love your stories ... and Stephanie is just a cute girl w/ big smile! i always love the mirror/glass reflection shot, xx