Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Shorts - Unbearably HOT

Last Summer seemed to be layed back, eclectic, full of peace and love.

Well......that was last year.

Summer Style for 2010 seems to be shorter, hotter, faster and better. For Work, Evening or Play... Short Shorts seemed to be everywhere! I mean..... a 2 inch inseam.....that's hot.

Crochet pockets hanging out long (like the 7 for All Mankind Boyfriend shorts)True Religion cut-offs to Frankie B Ziggy Zip's, and Joe's Jeans Military Cargo cut off Shorts. Thankfully for ladies such as my self who opt for a little leg, Page Premium Denim and Hudson were kind enough to produce some amazing denim Bermudas.

With all that leg showing you might need to add some millage to those getaway sticks!


The Photodiarist said...

These are AWESOME pics. I love the black and white super over-exposed effect.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Love these photos and the dark shorts with light top.So stoked on all the lengths of shorts coming out lately. Hopefully June gloom will be gone soon down here and I can break them out!

Isquisofrenia said...

this photos are so black and white , i think it would go for the white shorts, they look amazing!!!
i havent been here in awhile
ive been missing lots of good stuff!

polka dot said...

Totally agree with PD & the others.

I love love love shorts. I'm seeing such great looks in London. It's all I want to wear. I keep pushing the envelope for places in a city that I can get away with wearing ripped faded denim H&M short shorts to: so far no one has thrown me out of anywhere.

If you think what a long way we've come. Our sister Suffragettes were, what, only 100 years ago?

Hope you're having fun in California, you lucky duck!! xox

Anonymous said...

great posttt

Big Daddy said...

Ah those first shorts are everything i could imagine and better in a great short. Crisp, white, and the perfect length!
Love these photos.

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