Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Splendid - Summer Layering

Noelle from Blue Bee Jeans is wearing: Splendid Whisper Top in Citrus, Supima Long Tank in Carbon, Crinkle Acid Leggings in Graphite, and Loeffler Randal Perferated Pump

If you have ever lived in Southern California you know all about layering. The fog rolls in the sun comes out and then in the evening the wind picks up all at a moment's notice. The land of layering. I don't leave the house with out at least 3 layers on........AT LEAST!

So Why wouldn't Splendid have a Layering Program? Founder and Designer Moise Emquies graduated from a California Law school in 1992. Waiting for the Bar Exam results he decided to help his friend with her tee shirt company to pass the time. Smart! So he started studying about fabric, cut, and design. Even Smarter!

So he gets his results, passed, and works for a law firm. But he really wants to be a designer. SO following his passion he begins his first tee shirt company. SPLENDID! well Splendid is not really his first company, it was Leopold.

And there you have it, an awesome tee shirt company with an in house lawyer from California that understands what layering is all about! Splendid Clothing is durable enough to with sand my hassle free/ no fuss washings, soft enough to feel as fancy as silk, and always ahead of the trend game.

Doesn't get better than that! "Mosie! We all thank you for following your passions and dreams!"

Check out all the New Splendid Summer 2010 Styles at Blue Bee!


Leah said...

SoCal is indeed the land of layering. I'm in SoCal now and the weather is just insane.

I'm loving the layering in this outfit... and the acid wash leggings is so crazy... I love it. xoxo

sayablack said...

I adore the yellow top!!
Awesome collor and perfect silhouette!


JL said...


Cindy Whitehead said...

Layering is key - love the look and the functionality of it. Noelle looks great in these pics - so rad! thanks for the b-day wishes - Cece and I missed you yesterday - I mad a spur of the moment decision to go visit her (-:

drollgirl said...

love these pics!

and i am in la, and it IS all about layering. particularly when one works in a FREEZING COLD OFFICE. yeesh. it could be 100 out, and it would still be 65 degrees at work. chattering teeth!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots. I love the yellow tee - such a wonderful colour.

Thank you for your sweet comment my dear.


Taryn said...

love love love that top the color and fit are perfect!

The Photodiarist said...

This ranks as one of my favorite posts of yours. AWESOME photos. LOVE the minimalism of them.

Marty said...

ThatsoRad and Blue Bee are both quite Splendid!

Rackk and Ruin said...

Yessss. . . love the bright yellow with the grey jeans. fantastic color combo