Friday, June 11, 2010

Star USA John Varvatos Spring 2010 - Tee's and Denim for Men

Men are beginning to care about how they look, who they are wearing, and why they are wearing it.

John Varvatos Star USA line has a grip of tee's, polo's, and v-necks that we totally believe in. They are tailored to perfection, color pallet carefully chosen, and feel like a vacation in Cabo when you put them on.

If you care about detail Star USA Tee's have unique stitching through out the cut of the tee that not only makes for a nice line, it says " I pay attention", " I care ", and you need to be taken seriously.

Jean's and a Tee: My classic favorite for a guy!

Our women's model Zoe introduced us to Jason(model above). These are shots from Tuesday...... or Wednesday(I honestly can not remember) where we ran around with in a block of Blue Bee rockin' the different cuts of the John Varvatos Tees. I am so thankful he is a natural because I really had nothing to say or direction to give. I am definitely going to work on that! Never-the-less I think they turned out rad! He absolutely captured the vibe and look of the John Varvatos customer!

You will be seeing more of Jason, he was awesome to work with.


Ashley said...

I really like the last photo. The right jeans and the right tee on a guy = perfection.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Always have loved John Varvatos for my man - looks so good on! (-:

juno said...

do you guys have alexander wang boots in store?


Ian said...

Hey, I'm really impressed, great work and blog

Marty said...

John Varvatos has perfected the basic tee. Thanks Blue Bee Men and great work ThatsoRad!