Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jeans and a T

paint splaters are from this awesome blogger who offers textures he makes for free....THANKS!!

Most of the time I love just wearing Jeans and a T shirt. The Paige Lou Lou cut is awesome because it is like a skinny jean with an awesome flair on the bottom. This cut makes legs look 2x as long.... I love it. And of course my favorite Splendid tee......cute, always a little different, not overpriced and they last.
Keeping it Simple - Jeans and a T
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nice Collective Spring 10 - "The Gathering" Back to Earth

Nice Collective has created quite a buzz with their Spring 2010 collection

"The Gathering"

While the collection is trickling in to Blue Bee Men I could not wait to show you the first shipment....a leather jacket, a tee, and a hoody.

It truly became a gathering of artists and friends alike to promote Ian Hannula and Joe Haller's collection....

I am hungry to bring you more...but until then we have a little bit of rations to chew on...

Here is a short fashion film of "the Gathering" collection with a collaberation with Andrew Jones, Spencer Hanson and Joe Haller.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alice + Olivia - Not so Ladylike

Alice + Olivia keeps pushing the envelope. Each season Stacey Bendet comes up with something amazing for us to wear. Spring 10 is saturated with beautiful Teal and Tan colors, Stripes, Zippers, Straps and Sexy Cuts. The Alice + Olivia girl is so feminine, confident, smart but Not So Ladylike.....that's my kind of gal.

Iosseliani jewelry pulls it all together...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Habitual... the Unbreakable Habit

Habitual is behaving in a regular manner, as a habit; recurring, or that is performed over and over again; being regular or usual

Habitual Denim is one of the great undiscovered Jean company's. Granted they hold their own against some of the bigger denim company's that are "house hold name's" and do have a celebrity following. You don't see them everywhere.

Habitual tends to keep it simple, well designed, and always fresh. Their sizing is also Habitual, I was a 28 5 yeas ago and I am still a 28...(I can't say that for my workouts, but I some how have generaly stayed the same size myself) Each season has the core basics such as the Glory and Ava. They keep it fresh with their cropped skinny the Audry or the super rad, super long, super slimming trouser the Ascot....the one jean that I Habitually drool over.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! you may not be able to kick the Habit.....

I am also wearing a Robbi & Nikki top and VSA jewelry

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - Wonderful

These Photos above I downloaded this weekend from Sal my husband's camera.
He inherited my old point and click after I upgraded to my new Cannon Rebel. I was blown away by his eye and natural sense of composition.
Most of these were taken on the Stardust, the boat he works on, that takes the public out fishing. There are 3 from a research trip the crew took a scientest behind Santa Cruze Island. The beach photos were taken at Butterfly Beach near where we live. I had to share his rad pictures with you.

We also celebrated our 2nd Anniversary this week. The picture below is when we gave Dylan, my son, a necklace as part of our ceremony and including him in the exchanging of vows.
Sal is more that a awesome husband, step-dad, best friend we all push and support each other to be the best we can be. We as a family make our dreams, desires, passions come true. I can't even put to words how lucky I am to have this amazing man in my life.

Photo by Chris Alongi
Wonderful - I love you more that Marching Bands!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rails Kendra - Screams Sexy

Rails is back at Blue Bee featuring The Kendra shirt that California women are going wild over. We've got 4 different colors, 1 is a tunic ....that is what I am wearing.

So if you want to know what to wear with those leggings, skinny jeans and yes the weird jeggings this is it. Simple, sexy and not just your typical boyfriend shirt.

Jeans: Joe's Jeans, Sunglasses: Salt Linus

I had no pictures of screaming fans so those were provided by Getty Images

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Da Nang: Surplus That Breaks The Rules

Blue Bee has carried Da - Nang for over 5 years. It's Asian inspired Surplus style clothes always approaches fashion a little differently.

They always stay true to their original look with their washable silk blend Cargo Pants and Shorts. They throw in some super gorgeous Tops, Tunics and Dresses that emulate the ultimate California Bohemian Style.

Funk it out

Mix and Match

Don't Follow the Rules

They are the original Layer Label....Have Fun!

I am wearing: Camp Shirt in Cloud, Embroidered Capri White, Silk Cami in Opal, and Tiger Lily jewelry

Monday, February 15, 2010

James Jeans - Something Fell from the Heavens Above

clouds and motorcycles are from random google searches 1970's motorcycles and blue skys....i can't find all of the sorcs. let me know if those are you!

This Jean Legging trend has really helped me put my bootcuts in the drawer. The" Jegging" craze has made skinny jeans more comfortable, wearable and personally look better on.

I freaked when I tried on these James Jeans Moto Black Out "Jeggings". Are they jeans? Leggings? I have no idea but they are so darn comfortable and they are so rad because they are like MOTORCYCLE PANTS!

James and his wife Seun spend so much time on Tailoring their shows in the cut, wash and stretch in their denim.

James Jeans feels heavenly on....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - LOVE

This is not the typical "love" quote....but to me it holds so true. I am so LUCKY to have so many amazing, giving, loving, humble, strong people in my life. With expectations behind my relationships I would not see the true beauty behind those that I love.

Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another's personhood."
- Karen Casey

I spent the weekend off of my computer hosting a baby shower for my friend and 30 of her friends(wow), and then quality time with my family today. I apologize for my lack of commenting. :) I can't wait to check out all of your posts tomorrow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Naked and Famous - We got Schooled

Brandon Svarc, owner of Naked and Famous Denim came to the Blue Bee Men's store this morning to talk about he and his brother's below the radar Canadian Denim company.
Note the "broken twill" he had used in the Slim Guy jeans that he is wearing. It was a process that Wrangler used to solve the "leg twist" that began happening when jeans were made with right or left hand twill. It is not really needed or used these days but it is a unique rair tecqnique ....and so that is rad, right!
I am officially in awe of his knowlege and passion for the denim making process. I will touch on a few basics of why Japanese Selvage Denim is the best. He told us that there are 3 major elements that make the denim they buy.
1. Made from Selvage looms: Quality, uniqueness, characteristic wear
2. The dyeing process: They have a careful process of dipping and drying the fabric careful to not die completely to the core. That way when your jeans wear there are multiple layers of color that "shine through"
3 The Water: the company they buy from is in Wakayama(near the mountains) where there are minerals that are naturally infused in the water they use for the growing, dying, and washing their jean material. The WATER is what makes them stand above the rest!
He also introduced some additions to his jean line. There will be a hoody available for Fall 10 that is made from these old Italian looms that were sold to Japan(the selvage story of hoodies) It is called the Tsuri Hang, a circular weave, and it takes one hour to weave one meter of material. And as crazy and rare is this hoody they have it at retail value of about $100.....that is unheard of. Those are made in Okayama.
The gimmick is that there is no gimmick, It is our job to make things complicated.