Friday, November 27, 2009

Blue Bee Online - Keeping it Simple

I am super stoked about our new website layout.Simple.

Joe's Jeans new campaign is the headliner for our women's front page.

Aether makes a bold statement for the men's front page.

We even have a NEW section on the top of the Page for social networking...TWITTER, FACEBOOK thatsorad is honored to be there!

Joe's Jeans exemplifies pure attention to fit


and beauty in Simplicity.enjoy......


John Doucette said... looks AWESOME! I LOVE the new look!! Joe's rocks! And have you tried an Aether jacket? OMG...amazing!

Leah said...

Joe's jeans is awesome.

Daisy said...

Fab jeans!

UnoCosa said...

girl .. i love your style - especially the slightly masculine side, which i really identify! btw: joe is one of my fave denime brand and those campaign photos on your web site are cool - i like the contrast between the men and women's pages, great job!!!

happy weekend, xx

Cindy Whitehead said...

your post on Turkey day inspired me to pick up a 291 tee today (-:

Revolution Vintage said...

Especially loving this pictorial...bad ass girl!


Joe's Provocateur is the best looking and fitting petite jean I have ever owned. Love them! Have to say I'm a fan of the new site design as well.

The Photodiarist said...

My Joe's Jeans did a fine job for me in Marrakech!!