Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thinking Outside of the Garment Bag- Holiday's are Here

Getting Dressed up,

Carving Pumpkins,

Trick or Treating,

And LOTS and LOTS of CANDY!!

This is the beginning of my favorite time of year!!

There is a lot of awesome things happening at Blue Bee this week.... I can't wait to show you guys!! For now I have a house to clean and homework to work on with my little man :) Happy Sunday all!!!


The Photodiarist said...

Such a fun post. And the Peanuts recording is just awesome.

LAYNE said...

ahhhhh i am soooo sugared out from all the candy :)

check out my costumes!!!


Lolitta said... Charlie Brown.

Lolitta said... Charlie Brown.

HEK said...

Cool pictures! Looks so much fun:) We don't really have that tradition over here, but some people are starting to celebrate Halloween. I was hoping some kids would come and ask for candy, but didn't see any..

Daisy said...

Fab photos!!


Hi, hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks for the comment, there is more Chanel on my blog...a different one than we're used to.... ;)


UnoCosa said...

what a fun fun post - i love the black/neon green color combo in the first - so fun!!! ;-) hope you had great time, xx

Isabel said...

Mmmm, so much candy!

The Starving Stylist said...

*gasps* is that a bag of CHEEZ-ITs in the pile of candy?! my favorite! :)

Francheska said...

Soooooo much amazing canddyyy! giveee meeee :) x

Liya said...

whoa, fantastic halloween post! third pic is my fave