Monday, November 2, 2009

She's So Rad - Meme Telefrancais Provacaterur

My Mom is the raddest chick I know! Her family is #1. She is such an awesome daughter, sister, wife, mom, and meme. I aspire to become even half the woman she is.

She was a high school French teacher for 30+ English was spoken in her class and accent was extremely important. I had the privilege of being her student for 4 years. Although today I do not practice French on a daily basis, I am always amazed at how quickly it comes back after a few conversations. C'est Famous is my favorite phrase or "slang" We used to watch a show from Canada called "Telefrancais" A talking Pineapple (l'ananas) and two kids teach french. "L'Ananas ne parle pas!"

I did have to intervene and do something about my mom's 14 inch rise that she found so comfortable. SO we brought her in to Blue Bee Jeans and had her try on 10+ jeans. Keep in mind that she is not a tall woman. She is a classic petite(appropriately) so it was hard to find a pair of jeans that she would feel comfortable in, had a more flattering rise and that fit her petite frame.

Joe's Jean's came to the rescue with their Provacateur(French for instigator i think) cut! Granted we have a lot of amazing petite jeans , these seem to fit perfectly on her, look amazing and she LOVED wearing..... Oh and my Dad called to tell me how hot his wife looked :) it was ...... c'est famous!

Enjoy a little Telefrancais!


Revolution Vintage said...

Such a cute post! My whole family is right off the boat francais - my mother and your mother definitely need to get together!

...not much time to devote to photshop - we get our space at the country mart on Sunday! Time to get out the real paintbrush!!!

The Photodiarist said...

Cristi - love this post. Your Mom looks awesome in her Joe Jeans (one of my fave brands). Glad that you rescued her from the "Mom" jeans. Madame is way too cool for those!

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

happy to read that you have such a great relation.its a big treasure you know.

Ashley said...

Great post. Your mom is so adorbs!!

kpeach said...

love this! xo

Isquisofrenia Style said...

that is so great, theres nothing better like a cool family ,yours looks so awesome!!!!

Style Odyssey said...

what a lovely post about your mom! the pics are cool- everything colorless except her fabulous jeans. and they do look like great jeans.

jill said...

I love this post, too. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful mom.

I tried sneaking two shots in of my mom & niece - I knew I could never get away with it on my street style blog, but figured she'd never look at eternal summer. Within minutes, she had gone to the trouble of registering, and leaving her first (and ONLY) comment: 'this is your mother, and I did not give you permission to use my photos.'

I duly took them down immediately ; )

That's so cool about your dad calling. They both sound SO RAD.