Monday, December 28, 2009

AG Angel

AG ANGEL JEANS fit me like a glove.....I just bought my first pair of Women's AG Jeans from Blue Bee with a gift certificate my husband Sal got for me for Christmas.

THE ANGEL is A classic boot cut jean with an awesome wash that only AG Jeans can make. I am not blessed with curves so this Angel cut works awesome for my no waist, no butt figure. No muffin top works for me!

(I am a 28 normally, I bought a 27 that was super tight when I first put them on but have grown to fit perfectly)

There is a JEAN ANGEL watching over me!


The Photodiarist said...

LOVE this set of photos. I need to learn photoshop!!! You know that I would frame most of your photographs. They are like artwork to me.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i need a jeans angel, too!

John Doucette said...

Cristi, you are Blue Bee's angel! :)

Lauren said...

beautiful photos! i love the colors and the angels. makes me want those jeans. :)

אדוה&לימור said...

great blog love your style :)

Tea with Edith said...

Me too:)
I like the yellow tone in your pictures.

Anonymous said...

As the women's AG rep - I must say THANK YOU so much for your support. We strive to create a jean that is classic and sophisticated that keeps up with trends but is timeless. Keep spreading the word!

Happy New Year!