Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Visible Panty Line - I'm Exposed!

covering up in Genetic Denim Shane Cigarette(a skinny that does not cut off my circulation) and a Alexander Wang T

Ok, it is not like I planned it this way but when I got home yesterday my computer went bazerk with this crazy spy ware virus....needless to say I am challenged to find the bright side of this. I can't edit my photos....can't post from home...can't do anything but buy a hard drive save all my files and thank the big Patron upstairs that my ex-husband rocks and will fix it for free :) Thanks Josh! And my work is cool with me posting there. LOL

Until then I am totally EXPOSED.

We just received this new line called Visible Panty Line by designer Victoria Bartlett that leaves you feeling a little exposed too.

Join the party.


hayleysherie said...

i loooove those jeans

The Photodiarist said...

Oh No! That f-in' sucks, cristi! Well, the photos are still awesome and I guess exposed in the sense that they are without Photoshop. But they are still so cool. You are creative with or without photoshop and with or without your computer!!

kpeach said...

great images-I like your arm tat xo