Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mad About Plaid- Grunge Moment is More Sophisticated

Remember about 10 years ago when these long haired dudes from Seattle wearing baggy ripped up jeans, vans, thermals, beanies and plaid shirts started playing this amazing music that broke us away from pop-rock culture for a while??? Those dudes changed my adolescent life from what I listed to, what I read, where I went and what I wore.

I loved living Grunge Rock.

And now I have started to tap in to my roots and have become slightly obsessed with plaid, sweaters, and ripped up jeans.

Thank God This time there are sexy and form fitting choices out there!

Grunge Rock never looked more sophisticated.

Not only did I get a killer tripod for xmas I also was able to get a new lens. 3 people from friends to family have donated to the cause of my love of taking pictures. The photos I imposed on my shots are me playing in the camera store. Do you know which lens I got??


mariana**aka babe said...

i love it too... grunge rock, who didn't love it..the time was amazing 1992. flannel wearing, Clinton supporting, dock martin wearing Americans! Therefore lets bring it back, along with the american.

Dylana said...

Love the plaid!

Rock N Revolution said...

Super the plaid...always loved grunge.

Amanda said...

I LOVE the Grunge Rock look. I'm happy it's back, it'll never go out of style for me. It reminds me of my adolescence also. This time around it is a little more sexier ;)


Ashley said...

Love the photos as per usual..and the outfit too!!
Happy Holidays, Cristi!

Birgit said...

These photographs are gorgeous.. & I'm a grungelooklover too. I think it's so cool and fantastic.

xx Birgit

Julie said...

As I recall, there were some sort of blah choices out there back then, but lots of the grunge look was actually very cool. Yay for plaid!