Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - Family Traditions

We have a few Holiday Family Traditions:

1. I make a special "spoken recipe" candy with my Nana.

2. We watch A Christmas Story all togeather as a family.

3. We eat See's candy when Christmas shopping.

4. My Mom makes popovers Christmas morning.

5. My Brother gives my Dad a sailing calender at Christmas.

6. My Dad gives us these gnarly cold weather jackets every year with the receipt in the pocket. We can keep it or return it for something else.

7. We have "flaming pie" with hard sauce.

It is really called something else but I have always known it as flaming pie. It is essentially a soft fruit cake that you pour brandy and scotch over, light and spoon the flames over the pie until they go out. It makes the pie really warm and....well....yummy. Then you pour hard sauce(brandy, cream and sugar) over it and eat it. It is an intense desert that you don't drive home after eating.

I opted for my Mom's super rad apple pie but I always love seeing the beautiful blue "flaming pie". That to me is the mark of another Christmas complete. I hope I never have a Christmas with out it.

What kind of family traditions do you have that you hold close to your heart?


Tea with Edith said...

I like the sound of that dessert!
We always watch Donald Duck (typically Swedish thing), eat a lot of food (doesn´t everyone?) and the days before are always stressful.

Rock N Revolution said...

Watching Elf and our version of holiday cheer are Cranberry Margaritas : )

We also have some very cool recipes
I may have to share with all of you soon.


Christmas eve:
We have a curry soup buffet: a plain curry soup that stays on the stove, with a line up of square glass vases filled to the brim each with crab, avocado, bacon, green scallions, cilantro. Everyone helps themselves to a bowl filled with all or not of the stuff they want, and then top it off with the a scoop ladle of hot curry soup.

Mexican wedding cakes abound all around the room to swoop and swallow, as well as chocolate truffles.

Christmas morning:
We make Hawaiian loco-moco.
A pile of rice, with pork on top, a fried egg on top of that, and mushroom gravy pour over the top.

And home made cheese cake delivered by our friend Scott.

We have open house for about three days straight, and everyone lounges around on beds dragged out to the living room. Cozy, safe and fun.

So wicked trendy-Neva products said...

i loooooove all your pics, it's beautiful!!!