Wednesday, December 16, 2009

McFadin - Don't Mess with Texas

Wearing: McFadin Bag, Mike & Chris vest, C&C tee, Joe's Jeans leggings(they are under $100).

McFadin makes some of the most .....well.....delicious bags I have gotten my hands on.

It is hard to convey what it is like to wear one of these bags.

I can tell you that it makes me feel like throwing on my cowboy hat, jumping in my Chevy, go off roding in the dirt, stopping off at Cold Springs Tavern, devouring a Tri Tip Sandwich, washing it down with a Diet Coke and listening to live country music. Grrrr.

Local cowboy Kenny Loggins just bought one for his wife.....I hesitate to say this due to the Holiday coming up but....I had to name drop.


The Photodiarist said...

The last picture is my favorite in this very amazing series. The things you do with pictures blow my mind. I am always impressed.

JadeRose said...

where are those boots from?

thatsorad said...

The boots are old FRY boots the 12 Harness I think. I cut them short to make "engineer" boots cause I wanted them so badly but couldn't get at the moment. :) My first DIY!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

hahha awesome!
omg that bag is delish, i want those boots, you are so bad ass dude
your pictures are killer all the time!!

you would defetenly rock alice's hairstyle !

UnoCosa said...

haha ... i won't mess around, i promise :D!!! agree with the pHotodiarist, the last one is soooo rad, xx

Big Daddy said...

Ah i love the leopard-ish back round you put on the first one. And i do have to say that bag looks pretty darn amazing! I thought i was over fringe, but i guess not!
Ps. Thanks for your kind words, you always cheer me up!

Cindy Whitehead said...

The bag is kick ass!!

Taryn said...

that last picture is mind blowing. those bags are amazing