Wednesday, December 30, 2009

200th Post - You Alone Can Make My Song Take Flight

firework pictures taken from Google

This is my 200th post......I had to do something special.

Draped in one of my favorite Robert Rodriquez Fay X Back gown and Erickson Beamon Jewlery I am ready for the Grand Ball.

I was lucky enough to play in the magical lobby of the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara. Opened in April 9th 1924 it is a beautiful theater stands as the tallest building in town. I was waiting for the Phantom of the Opera to join my little photo swaree. I hope you all enjoyed the outcome!Cheers to William at the Granada Theater whom graciously alowed me make this post idea possible, and you Cyndi whom had the idea in the first place!

I want to say thank you to everyone whom has contributed to THATSORAD through supportive comments, encouragement, and allowing me to develop this blog into a positive outlet of love and expression for what I do at A special thank you to Marty and John, owners of blue bee, for your my greatest supporters and inspiration!

This will be an amazing year! I can not wait! May you all have a Wonderful beginning to the New Year!!!! Stay safe and keep those whom you love close to you. SO RAD!

Dedicated in loving memory of Karen .....thank you for my life. May your new beginning be peaceful.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sparkles and Spandex

As I am gathering my outfit to ring in the New Year I came up with one that is sexy, comfortable, and sparkly!

Robert Rodriguez Sparkly top

David Lerner leggings

and these New Loeffler Randall black Flats....soon to be on

Monday, December 28, 2009

AG Angel

AG ANGEL JEANS fit me like a glove.....I just bought my first pair of Women's AG Jeans from Blue Bee with a gift certificate my husband Sal got for me for Christmas.

THE ANGEL is A classic boot cut jean with an awesome wash that only AG Jeans can make. I am not blessed with curves so this Angel cut works awesome for my no waist, no butt figure. No muffin top works for me!

(I am a 28 normally, I bought a 27 that was super tight when I first put them on but have grown to fit perfectly)

There is a JEAN ANGEL watching over me!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - Family Traditions

We have a few Holiday Family Traditions:

1. I make a special "spoken recipe" candy with my Nana.

2. We watch A Christmas Story all togeather as a family.

3. We eat See's candy when Christmas shopping.

4. My Mom makes popovers Christmas morning.

5. My Brother gives my Dad a sailing calender at Christmas.

6. My Dad gives us these gnarly cold weather jackets every year with the receipt in the pocket. We can keep it or return it for something else.

7. We have "flaming pie" with hard sauce.

It is really called something else but I have always known it as flaming pie. It is essentially a soft fruit cake that you pour brandy and scotch over, light and spoon the flames over the pie until they go out. It makes the pie really warm and....well....yummy. Then you pour hard sauce(brandy, cream and sugar) over it and eat it. It is an intense desert that you don't drive home after eating.

I opted for my Mom's super rad apple pie but I always love seeing the beautiful blue "flaming pie". That to me is the mark of another Christmas complete. I hope I never have a Christmas with out it.

What kind of family traditions do you have that you hold close to your heart?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mad About Plaid- Grunge Moment is More Sophisticated

Remember about 10 years ago when these long haired dudes from Seattle wearing baggy ripped up jeans, vans, thermals, beanies and plaid shirts started playing this amazing music that broke us away from pop-rock culture for a while??? Those dudes changed my adolescent life from what I listed to, what I read, where I went and what I wore.

I loved living Grunge Rock.

And now I have started to tap in to my roots and have become slightly obsessed with plaid, sweaters, and ripped up jeans.

Thank God This time there are sexy and form fitting choices out there!

Grunge Rock never looked more sophisticated.

Not only did I get a killer tripod for xmas I also was able to get a new lens. 3 people from friends to family have donated to the cause of my love of taking pictures. The photos I imposed on my shots are me playing in the camera store. Do you know which lens I got??

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wrap This Up and Put it Under The Tree

My young apprentice is learning well....But in the end....

did the Master or the Student perish???

We had to take a brake from wrapping presents and have a little fun!!! So much food, family, fun, love, stress over nothing, wrapping, entertaining, hoping, making, baking, coffee, laughing and falling asleep mid taping..... :) (in my opinion) The point of Christmas is so much bigger that all of that. Dylan asked me who is Santa REALLY.... I said it is someone who loves you very very much!! (although there is nothing wrong with wanting to get rad stuff!)

I hope you enjoy your deeper meaning of the Holidays!!!

-Love the Silva Family and the Blue Bee Family

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Will the Real Tee Shirt Designer Please Stand Up!

With all of these trendy tee shirt labels out there James Perse constructs a ROCK in my mind.....




always wearable

He gets it right every time!...Dylan thinks so too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag: We Took The HWY

Graffiti in one of the bathrooms...we were not the only one's.

In a Wedding Chapel in Harmony, CA. Population 18
Old abandoned Hotel on HWY 1

I know I did not benefit my eyes from all the sun shots, but it was beautiful!

Gwen snapping pictures....we were camera crazy the entire time!

Little Napoli, where we ate 15 years ago.

Bixby Bridge.
I was obsessed with Jack Kerouac books!
My favorite Picture of Gwen.

We are such different characters, but we get each other. What an awesome time we had! Big Sur and Carmel were amazing!! Time has changed us in some ways and in others completely rooted what we were just discovering about ourselves 15 years ago.

I am always jaw dropped by the Photodiarist and her black and whites. Her photos are pure though and I had to use programs to get the look I wanted. I had to credit her inspirational photos.

Check out some more pictures here :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Road Trip

My Best Best friend from High School is here from New Zealand.
We are going on a super fun trip up North for the weekend. The same trip we took when we graduated from High School 15 years ago.
I cant tell you how excited I am!!!! It will be dificult to be away from my family but Girls Trips are just as healthy as Family Trips. Taking lots of pictures that I will totally share with you.
May you all have a super rad weekend! I will miss checkig out you fashion insperations but I promise I will visit when I get back!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Santa......

Dear Santa,

How's Donner and the Family? Hope you liked last year's cookies....we set out chocolate milk out because we thought you would be sick of all the plain milk you were probably drinking.

Well, my list is not too long :) So here we go:

1. Virgins, Saints & Angles San Benito Magdilana Necklace Silver/Turquoise

2. Alexander Wang Eniko Gunny Sack Camel

3. Rich & Skinny Boyfriend 5 pocket Jeans

4. Troy Built 4 Cycle Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer

5. World Peace

Not necessarily in order...but I think this is the best list I have written so far, besides the one in 1979... that was the best! Bill Crosby's Magic pen...that was a good one! We just cleaned our chimney this year for you. Tell the boys back at the Pole "what up" and the Misses hello!

Fly Safe, Sincearly

Cristi Silva