Monday, January 4, 2010

Creative Recreation - Rollie is RAD

The graffiti is from Silverstrand trip this weekend. The shoes are the Creative Recreation Milano Hi Dark Emerald

Creative Recreation is one of the raddest shoes we carry at Rollie our Rep was awesome enough to answer a few questions I had about him, his job and the label.

ME What about fashion right now has gotten you super fired up? This can relate to men's fashion, shoes, chicks fashion, whatever has caught your eye and you thought to yourself "that is AWESOME" or if it is nothing that is totally cool too. I know it happens.

ROLLIE The only brand in fashion that I have been purchasing recently is Rick Owens and Rick Owens DRKSHDW. If you check out the line you will see that many designs are using his touches on their collections.

ME How did you get to where you are today? What brought you into fashion. What is keeping you here?

ROLLIE I started with Nordstrom then the Closet next MK Sportswear next to VOS Showroom and finally to Creative Recreation. I was always been interested in the way people dress, whether it was good or terrible I was interested. The reason I stay is the freedom I have to be myself.

ME What is the RADDEST thing/fact about Creative Recreation.

ROLLIE That we have a shoe for every person, every age, from every walk of life.

ME What is the coolest part about your job besides getting to meet people?It could even be that they have Rockstar energy drinks in the fridge at work. (I am personally working to get a ping pong table in the warehouse. I am a table tennis MASTER!)

ROLLIE The best part of my job is our crew. We have so many personalities from every age and somehow we all find a way to be great friends. We all have tons of fun together.

Thank you Rollie for letting me pick your brain! If you want to check out how RAD Rollie rocks his style click here where he is showing the Fall 09 Creative Recreation line.


The Photodiarist said...

Only you can make shoes look so good. These brands ought to be calling you to work for them!

CLICK HERE said...

creative recs are dope!!
good interview

Birgit said...

Thank youu! These soes look so cool :D

Love Birgit

kpeach said...

love these pics and I have been on the search for boots like that xo

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

why are those shoes so cooooool?

folktime said...

rad shoes!

Isquisofrenia said...

you have such a cool job
those shoes are awesome!!

UnoCosa said...

hiyA!!! this is so awesome you are doing an interview with the sale rep - i always thought they have so many stories to tell .... and i love the part about "the crew" ... it's sooo true - youc an not do what you do just by yourself - a good crew is what it's needed to make it happen and last and last ....

happy happy new year - and thank you, as always, for your genuine feedback on my blog!!! i love to read them :-) xx

Cindy Whitehead said...

These shoes are cool. Glad you wrote about this and I love the interview (my kinda guy - wears Rick Owens and Darkshadow. YES!)

Glad you liked the skate shots and the old school vibe on my blog today. tell your man that Christian is as nice as they get. Has been since we were kids and still is now.

You are a rad girl - so loving your blog!!

Mila said...

Great shoes!!!!

Marty said...

Dude, Rollie is so rad. Check the Creative Recreation styles at Blue Bee Men in Santa Barbara or on We've got some really cool styles right now.

ilovecoolthings said...

dude those kicks are AWEsome