Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue Bee's 10th Birthday Bash - Miracle Icons

Blue Bee is going to have their final birthday bash celebrating 10 years of bringing the most amazing fashions to the local Santa Barbarians on Saturday October 23, 2010. There will be some amazing designers celebrating with owners John, Marty and their loyal local customers that have supported them all these years.

For the next week I will be highlighting the designers, reps, gifts, giveaways and labels that will be there during Saturday's celebration. I am also going to introduce you to some of the loyal Blue Bee associates who's super rad fashion knowledge, passion, and hard work along side John and Marty have influenced and molded what you wear.

I begin with one of the most giving and humble Jewelry Designers, her work, and the Senior Bee out on the boutique floor who shares her humble vibe.

Blue Bee 034-2

Blue Bee 046-2

Blue Bee 042-2

Blue Bee 061-2

Miracle Icons was created from a gift of spirituality, support and love. New York Designer Mary Jo Payne will be holding a Trunk Show at Blue Bee Men on Saturday the 23. She will personally be there to talk about her awesome beaded bracelets and charmed necklaces.

When you buy a Miracle Icons necklace you will get a crazy GIFT that makes it lika BOGO!!! A free bracelet! Amazing. Did you know Mary Jo hand makes all of her jewelry....just her. Man, I can not wait to meet this amazing woman.

Speaking of... so who is the Senior Bee wearing those bracelets? Meet Eric, he is not only one of the most amazing denim experts at Blue Bee Men, he is a solid stylist, and super rad dude.... he is also our model for every product shot on the Blue Bee Men's website. Recognize him now? Thank you Eric .... everyone loves you ya know!

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Marty said...

This is so exciting for Blue Bee Men - meet Mary Jo, a fun, warm, and inspiring woman - and help her design and create a customer piece just for YOU! She will be at Blue Bee Men this Saturday, October 23. We are so blessed!