Thursday, October 14, 2010

John Varvatos - Free Tie Gift at Blue Bee's 10th Anniversary Party

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 021-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 025-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 022-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 023-2

John Varvatos at Blue Bee Men 027-2

John Varvatos is one of the most popular collections sold at Blue Bee Men in Santa Barbara. If you are one of his devoted followers then you should take the time to come by and meet John Varvatos Rep Rob Sanderson at Blue Bee's 10 Year Anniversary party this Saturday October 23rd. He will be handing a free tie to all of those who buy a John Varvatos item during the event.

Reps play a huge part in bringing you the most current styles that us as customers want. Every city and the people in it have their own unique sense of style. John Varvatos has a huge collection to choose from. But what do Santa Barbarian's want to wear from that collection? From the careful choices of the buyers at Blue Bee you see what is the best of the best and what emulates what a Blue Bee man is all about.

Natalie, who is tying one of those tie giveaways I was talking about, has been working at Blue Bee Men for about a year. As a local long time Santa Barbarian she knows what Santa Barbara Style is all about. She has a gift when it comes to styling a man and fitting him in a collection piece that will fit him and his own personal sense of style perfectly. I hope you take the time to come in and meet Natalie and Rob and "tie one on" at Blue Bee's Birthday Bash!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Wonderful photos, Cristi!

The Photodiarist said...

super cool photos!!

Marty said...

Cool post, Cristi. What a cool angle. It is super exciting that Rob is going to be here to support the Blue Bee Anniversary party. Woohoo!