Friday, October 8, 2010

SPURR - Tailored Perfection

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: of or related to tailor or tailored clothes.
Last week David Bruno, the rep for Simon Spurr's collection SPURR, came to Santa Barbara and visited us at Blue Bee Men to talk about theis amazing line. This is just a touch of what I found out.
Simon Spurr may be a young designer but he delivers timeless clothing that Men... and women can not get enough of.
Started in 2005 Simon branched out to create SPURR, for the young man who does not wear a three piece suit everyday. It is said to be a "Englishman in New York" look by GQ. His Jackets are made in NY, outerwear made in Italy and Selvage denim is made at the Cone Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina. He goes where the specialists you can say in a way that this line is international, unified, and absolutely Divine.
You will find Spurr in movies such as Charlie St Cloud, on actors such as Zac Effron, Matt Bomer and Ed Westwick.
Sartorial is the word..... Spurr is the definition.

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Jocelyn said...

Could not agree with you more about SPURR. It is going to be out of control how rad it's going to be! I swear to you, it is the next hottest denim in the world! Simon is genus when it comes to his washes and it seems that he has his fits spot on too!
Miss you and Blue Bee!