Sunday, October 17, 2010

McFadin Handbags - Gift at the Blue Bee 10yr Anniversary Event

McFadin at Blue Bee 10th Birthday Party 007-2

McFadin at Blue Bee 10th Birthday Party 003-2

McFadin at Blue Bee 10th Birthday Party 015-2

McFadin at Blue Bee 10th Birthday Party 030-2

McFadin handbags from Texas is one of the Hottest accessories at Blue Bee Jeans. We simply can't get enough of these amazing bags. We are so excited that the McFadin sisters Stacy and Laurie got involved in Blue Bee's 10 year Anniversary party giving away another strap for every bag bought. Perfect, you get two ways to wear one of the most beautiful leather handbags we have laid our eyes on!

Ariel, one of the managers at
Blue Bee Jeans, came to Santa Barbara from her hometown in Organ to go to school. She worked at a local boutique there and brings a huge amount of knowledge about fashion, jeans and the brands at Blue Bee Jeans. I have seen a few women walk in sceptical the could find a pair of jeans that would fit what they wanted. With Ariel's help I always notice them not soon there after in the dressing room with a smile on their face.... a Perfect fit! Come by to Blue Bee jeans and meet Ariel and she will help you find the perfect pair of jeans, handbag, or piece of jewelry as we celebrate 10 years of making Santa Barbara look good!

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Marty said...

McFadin bags are the best in the world and the favorite of Blue Bee!